Back to Business: Merchandising


One of the largest questions looming over the retail industry as businesses begin to reopen has to do with the supply chain. We know that many manufacturers were, and perhaps still are, operating at a reduced capacity. That was good and fine while stores weren’t physically open and sales were slow. But how will that impact inventory levels moving forward? Do Independent retailers need to consider stocking up now for potential shortages? Resources for all of this and more are found below, and divided up by product category.

Think with Google

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the coronavirus pandemic. To help retailers capitalize on those changes, Google has launched an interactive tool that tracks category trends in Google Search, the locations where they’re growing, and the queries associated with them. Google updates this data daily to reflect changes in Search interests.

The tools and resources in the Back to Business Hub are intended to be used as templates for independent retailers. Although they have been vetted by employment attorneys, they are not to be considered legal documents.