Team up

with North America’s most successful network of independent retailers.

And gain access to programs and services that level the playing field between you and national chains.

The retail industry is undergoing unprecedented change

Dramatic shifts in customer shopping habits. Industry and pricing volatility. Ever-changing competitive threats both online and in-store. People challenges. 

It’s true – everyday you’re facing something new as an Independent retailer.  A new problem to solve.  A new fire to put out. Because what worked in years past won’t work for tomorrow.

And while there is no one better suited for the task than a resourceful, driven entrepreneur like yourself, there’s no denying the competitive advantage your business will have with a like-minded group of peers and industry experts in your corner – rooting and rallying for you.  And connecting you with the partners and solutions you need to accelerate your success.

That’s exactly what you’ll experience as a Member of North America’s largest buying, marketing and business support organization for the major appliance, consumer electronics, furniture, bedding, flooring and outdoor industries.

Trade the hype for results that actually matter.

Some buying groups make inflated promises and unsubstantiated claims. But that’s not our style. As a Member-focused, performance-driven organization, we value integrity, transparency and truth.

That means we’re accountable for walking our talk.  And committed to providing measurable value to the thousands of Independent business owners that choose to partner with us – period.

As your business partner, it’s our job to keep you one step ahead of your competition.  And to always be innovating to improve your business results.  Because we only win when you do.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Efficiencies & expertise to speed up your success

Every Independent retail business is as different as the market they serve. Which is why we don’t offer up a one-size-fits-all plan for our Members.

Instead, as a Member of Nationwide Marketing Group you’ll have a dedicated Member Support Manager in your region (East, Florida, Southwest, West, or United Stores in CA, AZ, & NV) that gets deep in the trenches with you and your unique independent business challenges. Invested in your success, they’ll help you tap into the resources and solutions you need to thrive.

Things like: 

Let Nationwide help you Compete Tougher and level the playing field with the National chains

Our Members' Say...

“I’m in awe of all that is available (through Nationwide Marketing Group). Growth, discounts, savings, lower interest rates, targeted analysis to grow our business, the manufacturer exclusivity —there is so much that Nationwide has to offer! Plus, just being able to get the different perspectives from other business owners from across the country. Everyone has a different way they run their businesses, and it’s helpful to hear different ideas. I’m very pleased that we’re now part of the Nationwide family!”
Rochelle Carrillo
Owner, Bedtime Mattress