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The Nationwide Marketing Group Media Center is your home for all things NMG. The Independent retail channel has so many hidden gems and incredible stories that need to be shared, and that’s our goal with the Media Center. Here, you’ll find profiles, podcasts, case studies, and other musings, produced in-house and featuring our Member and Vendor Partners, other Independent retail professionals, and more.
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Catch up on the latest news and press releases from Nationwide Marketing Group, including new vendor partnerships, key initiatives and more.
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Whether in other industry publications or right here on our own blog, the NMG team shares their thoughts and analysis on the Independent retail channel, as well as Member case studies.
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Independent Thinking is a publication for the Members of Nationwide Marketing Group. New issues are published for each PrimeTime.

Pulling Double Duty During COVID

We’ve all had to make adjustments in how we work, live, teach and thrive during this pandemic. And the same can absolutely be said about the Independent retail channel.

Webchat and Feedback: Real-time messaging

Customers don’t just want instant results; they expect them. Discover how Podium’s Webchat and Videochat products provide the real-time messaging that brings immediate leads and communication to your business.

40: A Crossover Episode With the Sleep Retailer Podcast

Not long ago, we had Chris Schriever, publisher of Sleep Retailer, on the Independent Thinking Podcast to talk about the trends their following in the sleep space. Because they were SO impressed with us, they decided to have us on their podcast! Here’s the crossover episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Go subscribe!

Member Spotlight: Webb’s Home Store

As a truly small-town retailer, Webb’s Home Store has to be nimble in its strategy. In that regard, Owner Grant Webb has learned to embrace innovation.

Member Spotlight: Royal Flooring

The quick and exponential growth that Urbandale, Iowa-based retailer Royal Flooring has experienced is no accident. Co-owner Johnnie Kennell shares some of his secrets to success.

About Nationwide Marketing Group

Nationwide Marketing Group works on behalf of thousands of independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation and rent-to-own dealers helping them grow their businesses and thrive on their own terms. With more than 5,000 members who operate some 14,000 storefronts, Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest buying, marketing and business support organization of its kind, representing billions in combined annual sales across the membership.
For nearly 50 years, the organization has remained committed to the independent channel, empowering members with the scale, sophistication and efficiencies they need to compete while delivering the unmatched business intelligence, tools and resources required to win in an ever-changing business environment. Media Contact: Amy Croom 336-714-8803 gro.puorGediwnoitaN@moorC.ymA