Product Protection

More than a profit boost, protection plans are a crucial category in your retail business.

Nationwide Marketing Group partners with first-class warranty administrators to provide Members with industry-leading protection plan programs.

Our Product Protection Partnerships

Appliance and consumer electronics retailers can take advantage of the EPIC Protect program administered by Centricity and the LifeProof Appliance program administered by Safeware. These two companies understand and relate to Independent retailers, offering group-exclusive features and benefits paired with competitive pricing.

Our furniture retailers can choose between Guardsman, the LifeProof Furniture program or Montage. All three administrators offer unique coverage options with competitive pricing that aim to help retailers sell more plans and better serve their customers.

Our Members Say…

“Nationwide’s Extended Warranty Program has been a great product for Siano Appliance. Not only is it a profitable add-on to our sales and an added commission to our sales people, it is also a great benefit to our customers. I cannot count all the instances that we have replaced a customer’s appliance through the extended warranty. It really does help us close a sale when we share that information with our customers. As we say, ‘They REALLY don’t make things like they used to.’ And, more times than not, a customer is going to NEED that extended warranty to protect their product. We are proud to offer and sell the extended warranty through Nationwide and can feel confident that it is a win/win for everyone.
Ralph W. Siano
Chairman & CEO, Siano Appliance