Let Nationwide provide you tools to lower costs and improve profitability!

Nationwide Marketing Group works beside thousands of appliance, furniture, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation and rent to own dealers helping them grow their businesses and their bottom lines.

With over 3,500 members operating more than 10,000 store fronts and $14 billion in combined annual sales, Nationwide is North America’s largest buying and marketing organization.  Industry veterans, heading Nationwide’s seven regional divisions, work to provide independent dealers with personalized service and local programming in every market they serve.

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Leveraged Buying Power
  Leveraged Buying Power

Nationwide members sell more appliances, electronics and furniture than all competing groups in the country combined.

  • Merchandising and marketing experts working to provide you volume pricing and promotional advantages enjoyed by the national chains.
  • Direct relationships with premier vendors in the industry, group negotiated promotional allowances, buying show specials, and group rebate programs.


Improved Store Traffic
  Improved Store Traffic

Quality marketing materials and group subsidized promotions improve store traffic and increase sales.

  • Extensive selection of HD TV commercials and top quality print advertising help your messages break through in the marketplace.
  • High profile events, impressive ads featuring creative themes, and advanced production techniques on par with the national chains available at little or no cost to you through a wide array of print and electronic media.


Expanded Prospect Generation
  Expanded Prospect Generation

Couple searches online

Enhance your online presence with a variety of group exclusive web services, including search optimized sites to drive customers to your store.

  • Today, the first visit to a retail store is often made online. That’s why Nationwide helps its members capture their share of online shoppers.
  • Selection of web platforms, including research sites, commerce sites, and dealer locators.
  • Dramatic group-negotiated discounts on multiple solutions to fit members of every size and every level of online sophistication.


Increased Sales Closing Rate
  Increased Sales Closing Rate

Knowledgeable sales associates translate to closed sales.

  • At no additional cost to members,  the most effective learning system in the industry offers video and web based product training programs.
  • Training provided online with testing and certification and on DVD for group sessions. 
  • Nationwide’s exciting MemberNet Rewards offers gifts and prizes to encourage learning.


Enhanced Sell-Through
  Enhanced Sell-Through

Stimulate sales with group negotiated financial programs.

  • Consumers respond to Interest-FREE Promotions and Nationwide provides hundreds of days of group subsidized offers each year.
  • Members enjoy volume leverage when negotiating with retail finance companies for discounts, fees and customer approval rates.
  • Further enhance your cash flow with floor planning programs, Warehouse Direct inventory access, and Nationwide’s own Protection Plus extended service plans.


Enriched Sales Floor Experience
  Enriched Sales Floor Experience

Take control of in-store messaging and turn the sales floor into an information-rich selling zone.

  • The national chains understand that content playing on televisions in a store can have a dramatic impact on shoppers’ behavior.  Nationwide brings this advantage to you.
  • Members control their own in-store HD network on display thoughout the store.
  • Nationwide’s exclusive HD electronic signage system enhances the customer experience in electronics, appliance or furniture departments.


Advanced Group Communications
  Advanced Group Communications

Stay up-to-date with Nationwide’s leading edge
web-based communication system.

  • Latest group programs, vendor pricing, industry trends, and best practices available to you on the group's MemberNet intranet system. 
  • Unique user profiles that indicate specific areas of interest give buyers, sales managers, financial managers, owners and advertising staff the information they need.