Why NMG?

Who We Are

Advocates obsessed with your success.

Nationwide Marketing Group is North America’s leading buying, marketing and operational support organization for Independent retailers, rent-to-own dealers and custom installers in the major appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, bedding, outdoor and custom integration industries.

For over 50 years, we’ve remained a problem-solving, results-driven team of entrepreneurial advocates, industry veterans and top retail performers that is obsessed with helping Independent business owners like yourself thrive on their own terms.

What We Do

Reduce Stress. Increase Cash. Improve Profitability.

We connect thousands of Independent business owners with everything they need to succeed in an ever-changing retail environment.

By leveraging our efficiencies of scale, robust digital platform, data-driven business intelligence and good old fashioned industry relationships, we keep you one step ahead of national chains while also helping you reduce your stress, increase your cash and improve your profitability.

Better Together

On a Mission to Give Back. And to Give Big.

Independent businesses are the backbone of the American economy — and the American community. In fact, studies show that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of national chains. Collectively, Nationwide’s scale allows all of us, as a group, to not only give back, but to give big. As a united network, we amplify our individual efforts to positively impact lives all over the world.

We kicked off our group’s Give Back initiative in 2017. Since then, Independent businesses of all sizes and from all over the country have pitched in to help at local gatherings all across our network.

2.3 million+ meals packed for kids around the globe.

1,100 mattresses sent to orphanages.

$5.7 million raised for the Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

300 kids supported with one year of free cancer treatments.

200+ bikes built for Toys for Tots.

1,000+ care packages shipped to veterans.

$140,000 supporting Smile Together.

Get started today.