Exclusive AT&T Program

  • Nationwide Members now have the ability to sell phones, tablets, wearables, DirecTV, and broadband internet.
  • With AT&T, Nationwide Members can take the first step to future proofing their business by connecting their showroom, preparing for 5G, and dramatically increasing gross profit – all with no inventory required.
  • Since our launch, more than 225 Dealers have signed up to add AT&T to their showrooms.

This exclusive AT&T program helps round-out the connected home.

Appliances, lights, electronics, security systems, grills, beds, doorbells, voice assistants — it’s all controlled by smart phones.

“Not only does this program help support the growing trend of a connected home, but the shorter lifecycle common with today’s cell phones will encourage additional store traffic and frequency of shop. And the exclusive promotions available only to Nationwide’s Independent retailers provide a clear competitive advantage over the national chains.”

Tom Hickman
President and Chief Member Advocate, 
Nationwide Marketing Group