MSTV 2.0 Welcome Kit

MediaSignTV 2.0 Welcome Kit

Communicate. Educate. Entertain.

If you are like most retailers your marketing plan already includes a mix of advertising: TV, online and social media, print, mobile and others. But all of that is focused on marketing to buyers before they enter your store.  What about in-store marketing? That’s where MediaSign TV 2.0 steps in to provide an enhanced digital signage experience for your customers and your employees. It’s the only in-store digital signage solution that offers you exclusive vendor content sourced by industry experts.

The information below will help you quickly and seamlessly get up and running with your new equipment. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

MediaSign TV Quickstart Guides

The information below will help you get up and running with your MediaSign TV equipment. Click the buttons below to download our Set-Up and FAQ documents.

MediaSign TV Tutorial

Prefer to follow along with a how-to video? We’ve got you covered! The video below will take you through the set-up process for your new MediaSign TV, from the initial unboxing through content selection.

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