Leverage insights from 14,000+ storefronts to make smarter business decisions.

Big Data has been around business circles for a few decades now, and managing Big Data has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business. Just as important as collecting large amounts of data is how the holders of that data go about using it make better strategic business decisions.

PriMetrix, powered by Nationwide Marketing Group is the independent retail channel’s first and only performance insights platform. Through its suite of analytics tools, PriMetrix gives participating Nationwide Members insights you can act on to propel your business forward. Now you can easily answer key performance questions like:

  • How am I performing compared to local competitors?
  • How am I performing compared to fellow Members?
  • How is my current product assortment performing against comparable SKUs?
, PriMetrix, Nationwide Marketing Group

Mike Collier
VP, Brandbuilder & Core Membership

, PriMetrix, Nationwide Marketing Group

The PriMetrix suite of performance tools includes:

  • Market: analyzes category sales by zip code to help you understand untapped local market opportunities and market share by retailer
  • RSA: analyzes Member point of sale data and/or retail sales by Member for insights on peer-to-peer performance 
  • ART: analyzes sell-in and sell-thru data to help you optimize your appliance* assortments to maximize revenue and profit
    *Additional product categories coming soon!

Retail Sales Analytics

The Retail Sales Analytics platform — a group exclusive and free benefit of membership — includes a suite of data and business analytics tools. RSA is a powerful Point of Sale data sharing platform that is designed to help your business transform its inventory management by leveraging the collective scale of Nationwide’s thousands of members to access business intelligence that delivers bottom line results.

All POS data is anonymized the moment it is collected and is never tied to a retailer’s individual business when it is shared on an aggregated basis. By providing this invaluable data to manufacturers, Nationwide and our Members are able to:

  • Leverage vendors for better programs and net pricing deals.
  • Create analyses that allow Nationwide to measure, refine and perfect marketing activities done on behalf of our Members.
  • Show manufacturers the data they need to make correct production decisions, ultimately leading to increased stock of better-selling and newer models for the Independent channel.

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