Get to Know: Peyton Hanby

Peyton Hanby
Nationwide West
States covered: Western Oregon, Western Washington, Northern California
📧: peyton.hanby@nationwidegroup.org
☎️: 985-705-0365

Work Experience

Traeger Grills, Brand Ambassador, April 2019 – November 2019
Total Quality Logistics, Logistics Account Executive, December 2019 – April 2021
Nationwide Marketing Group, MSM, April 2021-present


University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Bachelor’s in Marketing & Hospitality


Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society

Total years of experience with the independent channel/retail

2 years

What motivates you to get up and go to work for the Independent retailer every day?

Knowing that with my marketing background/experience with independent businesses in the past, that I am bringing those skills to retailers that will help them adapt and succeed in changing markets. Also, the excitement of learning Member’s needs and the ins and outs of the retail industry to help Nationwide and our Members succeed as a team.

Tell us about your role at NMG.

My role as a MSM is to help Members with up-to-date information and services to help them save money, make money and reduce stress.

Why did you want to come work at NMG?

Nationwide has the tools and resources developed specifically to achieve the goal of having Independent retailers thrive and grow. Also, having family in this industry most of my life is a larger contributor to the life experiences I’ve had, and I am very grateful and eager to be in the position to help Independent retailers succeed.

Why do you think NMG is the best buying group for Independent retailers in today’s climate?

With Nationwide’s partnerships, it gives retailers opportunities and benefits to make more money, save money and reduce the stress on their plates. The technology that Nationwide has in place is incomparable to other groups, which is huge in today’s market. The number one reason though is the people. The team at Nationwide truly cares about our Members and are willing to do anything within our power to satisfy their needs.

What is the most important project you are working on right now, and why?

I am working on learning as much as I can about the retail industry in order to help my Members with their needs and concerns.

What is your favorite memory from your time at NMG?

Having my first week be at Furniture market in Las Vegas (my first Vegas trip). Having everyone on the team welcome me with open arms and taking the time out of their days to help me get a jump on learning was amazing. The dinners weren’t half bad either!

What do you like most about your job?

Knowing that I have the capacity to truly help Independent retailers grow and succeed. The fact that I will be making a difference in, not only the lives of retailers, but their communities as well.

What else do you want people to know about you and NMG?

I am a New Orleans transplant, currently living in Southern Washington. In my spare time you can find me on the slopes snowboarding, at the pool hall or BBQ’ing in my back yard. I have expertise and contacts in the logistics industry and if anyone needs advice or someone to reach out to, I am more than willing to help as much as I can.