5 More Awesome Luxury Appliance Collaborations

Written by Rob Stott

June 21, 2024

Monogram GX concept car rear doors

Some of the greatest collaborations of all time exist because someone – or a whole bunch of someones – decided to step outside the box and smash two things together. Peanut butter and jelly. Red wine and a fine steak. Chocolate and peanut butter. Milk and cookies. We also lean on this innovative thinking to experiment and ultimately learn from our mistakes. See: pineapple and pizza.

Lexus and Monogram hope to add their names to the list of perfect pairings with the new Monogram GX bespoke concept luxury vehicle. Debuted at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, last week, the Monogram GX takes the 2024 Lexus GX experience and elevates it with innovative specialty features, including a 30-inch electric hearth oven, a heated ice press, wine and bourbon storage, chilling compartments and more.

“This unique pairing of unexpected luxury cooking while away from home is created with signature pieces from Monogram that elevate the everyday,” Julie Burns, executive director of Monogram appliances, said in a statement announcing the high-end collaboration. “The Monogram GX puts an entirely new spin on the road trip experience with a crafted, culinary journey.”

The pairing of Lexus and Monogram got us thinking about some other collaborations that have been rolled out in the luxury appliance space over recent years. Turns out, there’ve been quite a few.

Here are five additional unique collaborations involving appliance brands.

JennAir & Kelly Wearstler

The interior design community can pull inspiration from nearly any place imaginable. Take the recent collaboration between world-renowned designer Kelly Wearstler – known for her multi-faceted, experiential spaces – and JennAir. Wearstler was the driving design force behind JennAir’s bold Smoke & Brass range, which she then used to design two stunning concept kitchens.

LG Electronics & Hyundai

Another collaboration in the automobile world, LG and Hyundai teamed up a few years ago to make in-car appliances a reality in Hyundai’s electric vehicles. Dubbed the Ionic Concept Cabin, the fleet featured ceiling-mounted LG OLED TVs in addition to refrigerators, coffee makers and air purifiers.

Samsung & Alex Proba

When it first launched in 2021, the whole idea behind the Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator was to introduce a product that could be customized by the user to fit their needs – functionally and from a design standpoint. That’s what makes the collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Alex Proba on an exclusive line of limited-edition panels so unique and perfect. It showcases the versatility and customizability of this particular product.

Smeg & Dolce&Gabbana

Art and Sicilian aesthetic meets high-end technology in the form of this collaboration between Italian designer brand Dolce&Gabbana and appliance maker Smeg. Joining forces to create a line of refrigerators and small appliances that stand true to their ‘Made in Italy’ project, the luxury brands offer consumers a way to turn their kitchens into authentic works of art.

Dacor & BMW Group

Sticking with the automobile and luxury appliance theme, back in 2010, Dacor and BMW Group Designworks USA got together to work on the Dacor Distinctive 36-inch Gas Cooktop. Leaning on BMW Group Designworks USA’s unique design influence, the cooktop was built with bold color, materials and finishes that allowed it to stand out from other pieces in the Dacor Distinctive Series.

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