Digital Marketing, 5 Questions to Ask your Digital Marketing Provider, Nationwide Marketing Group

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When it comes to digital marketing, some companies make promises. Others provide confusing metrics, or none at all. But only a select few deliver the results that really matter. Not sure where your partner falls? Ask them these questions to find out how they measure up.

1. How does your strategy support my business goals?

One plan does not fit all. It didn’t work in traditional marketing, and it doesn’t work in digital marketing. We work closely with each of our Members to make sure we understand their specific business goals, and then create a customized strategy to help achieve them.

2. How much of my payment goes to overhead vs. actual ad spend?

You deserve to know how your money’s being spent. That’s why we provide itemized invoices that detail how much money is going toward digital placements versus project management.

3. How do you measure conversions?

We’ve moved far beyond impressions and clicks, and can now track a customer from the first digital ad they see to the moment they engage with your business. Does your current partner do that?

4. Do you leverage any of Google’s (or your own) automation tools?

If they’re not, then you’re wasting money. Automation tools allow us to optimize our campaigns faster than ever, reducing the cost per click while increasing the number of conversions. That’s why it’s a cornerstone of every digital campaign we manage. In fact, automation is so powerful that Google’s leadership has noted that those agencies who don’t leverage these tools – and there are many of them in the marketplace today – will be gone within the next three years.

5. Are you approved to submit co-op on my behalf? For which vendors?

Vendors require detailed reporting and transparency of spend and performance before they allow partners to submit co-op. Nationwide Marketing Group is a preferred advertising partner for GE, Whirlpool and Serta/Simmons. This means we’re approved to submit co-op for Members who use our digital services, which reduces their workload and saves them time. Is your agency?

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