Appliances, Smart Tech Featured in “Future Design Trends” from NKBA

Written by Rob Stott

October 28, 2022

NKBA luxury kitchen

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recently dropped a new report that looks into the future trends that will shape kitchen design. Incorporating feedback from over 600 kitchen and bath specialists, the association was able to provide a glimpse at what design trends will emerge over the next two to three years.

Not surprisingly, with people spending more time around the home and working from their abodes, designers reported an increase in the overall scope of the kitchen projects they’ve been involved with this year compared to last year. Along the same lines of spending more time at home, designers reported an increased interest in features that help to reduce clutter, including larger walk-in pantries and dedicated storage areas for small appliances.

What stood out, though, and caters more towards this crowd of appliance and consumer tech dealers are the last two findings from the report. Let’s quickly dive into them.

Multi-function and Multiples

The work-from-home and spend-more-time-at-home trends have pushed kitchen design towards making the hub of the home more multifunctional. In particular, designers noted in the NKBA report that there’s a growing demand for large kitchen islands that can accommodate food prep, serving, entertainment and working/charging stations.

Further, as more cooking happens in the kitchen, some designers are being asked to make room for multiple appliances within the space. Specifically, 64 percent of the designers surveyed said they were asked to fit two ovens — either two same-sized ovens, or one large and one smaller oven — in a kitchen.

Other appliance trends noted in the survey: French door continues to be the most popular refrigerator style (53 percent), and some designers noted a shift in interest towards induction cooking.

Technology in the Kitchen

Everything is becoming smarter in the home, and the kitchen appears to be leading the way as far as where tech innovation is happening. Designers highlighted rising consumer interest in everything from app-based tech that can control lighting, room temperature and their appliances.

Other tech advancements that are gaining traction in the kitchen include precision-cooking tech — in the form of additional gadgets or features integrated into the appliances — alert-based features for things like open refrigerator doors, taps that increase water purity, and demand for steam and air frying technology that’s integrated into ovens.


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