As Seen on HGTV: Top 4 Trends We’re Loving in 2024

Written by Jayme Muller

May 28, 2024

Couple cooking in a high end kitchen

Never underestimate the power of an HGTV marathon to leave you with the motivation to tackle that next design or home improvement project.

With shows that focus on both trends and personal preferences, it’s no wonder HGTV has become a trusted and reliable resource for homeowners looking to transform their indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’ve ever gasped at a surprise before and after reveal or snapped a photo of your TV screen for furniture shopping inspiration, you’re likely nodding your head in agreement right now.

While the network appeals to a variety of tastes, it also helps homeowners understand current trends and visualize how they might work in their unique spaces. This makes HGTV a valuable resource for the Independent retail channel to learn what customers want. According to Warner Brothers Discovery, HGTV’s parent company, the network ended 2023 as a top 10 cable network, among all non-news, non-sports, ad-supported channels, in two key adult demographics. And ratings this year continue to thrive.

Whether you’re a current fan or still need some convincing, let’s look at a few current trends in home design, as seen on HGTV in 2024.


Smart Home Automations

While the idea of a smart or connected home is not a new trend, it is one that continues to evolve with ongoing advancements in technology and product development.

And it’s clear that HGTV is committed to staying on top of the latest and greatest smart home updates through its annual HGTV® Smart Home Sweepstakes. Each year, the network renovates a different home — designed and equipped with high-end and high-tech features — and then gives it away to one lucky winner.

The 2024 Smart Home, located in Atlanta, GA, truly lives up to its name with an impressive display of top tier technologies and gadgets to simplify everyday life, including: cordless outdoor equipment, solar-powered skylights, touchless technology for faucets and toilets, motion sensor indoor lighting, a sensor cooking microwave, pop-up charging station in the kitchen island and built-in reading lights and Bluetooth speakers in the master bed frame.

But wait, there’s more! The home’s award-winning wireless security system offers 24/7 protection — and peace of mind — throughout the home.

Consider HGTV your go-to showcase for new and trending technology for the home.

Organic Accents and Earthy Tones

Bringing the outdoors inside has taken on new life with the casual yet purposeful incorporation of more organic elements into interior spaces. Think wood grain accents and statement pieces, plant life — both faux and real — and shapes found in nature.

This trend also extends to color palates, like warm neutrals, soothing greens and vibrant hues inspired by anything from a garden to a sunrise. Each can work to create an ambiance that captures the feeling of being outside within the comforts of home.

The next time you tune into your favorite HGTV show, pay attention to all the organic and natural design features you see indoors for a dose of fresh (air) inspiration.


Today’s homeowner doesn’t want a cookie-cutter home, but customization can be costly. HGTV designers shine when it comes to optimizing budgets to include room for special features and unique touches.

One popular way to add character is through color. Paint can easily transform anything from a front door to a kitchen island for a quick custom job. But it doesn’t stop there. Pops of color can also be added with pillows, coffee tables, sofas and even laundry units.

The beauty of watching HGTV is that no two reveals look the same. Finding pieces that look custom — even if they’re not — is easier than ever, whether you opt for an unusual colorway, add a layer of paint, or mix in heirlooms and thrift store finds with brand new furniture and appliances.

Mixed Patterns and Textures

Mixing patterns and textures is another form of personalization that deserves its own trend status.

While this trend is more of an acquired taste, it’s one that designers have encouraged homeowners to embrace with a fervor. In fact, you might have a hard time finding an HGTV show that doesn’t feature a blending of patterns or textures in a finished design. Why? Because they add personality and dimension to any space.

For a subtle and safer approach, consider going monochromatic by using varying tones of the same color. This instantly creates a connection between patterns that might not otherwise seem compatible. But don’t be surprised the next time your favorite host uses complimentary colors to match similar patterns, too.

If this sounds like Art 101, it sure is. Check out the color wheel [below, to the left, etc.] to learn more about which colors work well together. It’s a tool used by designers, too!

But, enough about patterns and colors. Mixing textures and materials is a similar trend often utilized by TV designers, again, to add dimension to a room. Picture a suede sofa against an exposed brick wall, a live edge wooden dining room table next to smooth quartz countertops, or wicker chairs surrounding a shiny metal table.


Why You Should Watch HGTV

This certainly isn’t a sponsored article. Many on the team at Nationwide are enthusiastic fans of the network and its various hosts — and not only for the entertainment value.

We recognize and appreciate the opportunity to be educated on the latest trends and products in all the categories that you — our Members — represent.

As a thought leader in the design and home improvement space, HGTV continues to produce content that inspires and informs both homeowners and business owners alike. And staying in the know about what customers want is crucial to staying competitive with Big Box stores.

While we aren’t encouraging you to stop attending trade shows or ignore sales data, we are saying it’s okay to give yourself permission to binge watch an HGTV show every now and then.

For the educational value, of course!

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