Audio America Has Acquired Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc.

Written by Rob Stott

February 25, 2020

Two of Nationwide Marketing Group’s distribution partners have formally become one. In a statement late last week, Audio America, a premium distributor of consumer electronics products, announced that it had acquired Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc. (C.E.D.), an A/V and specialty electronics distributor.

Audio America has distribution centers in Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, while C.E.D. has maintained facilities in Chicago and the broader Midwest. The distributors have worked together for many years as part of the PowerHouse Alliance distribution network and as distributor partners for Nationwide. The combined company will move forward under the Audio America banner.

In a letter to customers of both companies, Ryan Munder, chairman of Audio America, and Jonathan Elster, CEO of Audio America, said the shared vision and unified commitment to best serve customers is what drove the decision to approach C.E.D. with the opportunity to join the Audio America family.

“People are the key to a company’s success and one of the main reasons for the acquisition was due to the extraordinary talent across the two organizations,” the letter stated. “We plan on retaining and combining that manpower, and as the new Audio America, we will work together and learn from one another to keep growing and improving as your distributor partner.”

Additionally, the result of the combined company and growing capital will allow Audio America to invest in the business, with plans to explore “smarter distribution, improved customer service and technical support programs, and a larger sales force to best serve … our valued customers,” Munder and Elster said.

As for Members of Nationwide Marketing Group who utilize Audio America and/or C.E.D. for their distribution needs, Elster explained in an email to Nationwide that there will be no major changes to the way business is done.

“There is nothing but positivity and opportunity on the horizon for the new Audio America, and the entire team is energized and ready to get started to ensure our continued success in 2020 and beyond,” he said.

For more info, head over to the Audio America website.

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