Consumers Share Their Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

Written by Rob Stott

August 26, 2022

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If you were to design the ideal kitchen for today’s consumer, do you know what colors, materials and appliance types would be required to get the job done? A recent survey of consumers by Home Advisor sought to answer that question and much more. Taking insights from roughly 3,000 consumers across all states, the online platform painted a unique picture of today’s dream kitchen.

According to consumers, the perfect kitchen would include stone tile backsplash, marble countertops, natural wood cabinets with a light to medium finish, hardwood floors and stainless steel hardware. Of course, the particular combination of materials varied by state. You can scroll down below to see what the ideal kitchen combo would be in your state.

The kitchen palette aside, the survey had some additional findings that independent retailers — especially those offering design and remodel services — might find interesting. Namely, the survey found that the average consumer is willing to drop over $21,000 for their dream kitchen renovation. Within that budget, consumers identified a relatively lengthy list of must-haves that should be included in their dream kitchen. Among them:

    • 60% said they must have stainless steel appliances
    • 48% said they must have cabinet lighting
    • 47% said they must have a gas stove
    • 45% said they must have an over-the-range microwave
    • 39% said they must have a counter-depth fridge

The Home Advisor survey also dove into some of the luxury amenities that, if money were no object, consumers considered to be must-haves in their dream kitchens. Some of the highlights there include:

    • 43% want smart appliances
    • 42% want an automatic kitchen faucet
    • 34% want an appliance garage (space to hide those countertop small appliances)
    • 20% want a built-in wine fridge

And if you didn’t think that the quality of a kitchen mattered to consumers, this survey proved otherwise. According to the survey results, 39% said they would refuse to buy a home that didn’t have a kitchen island, and another 36% admitted to judging others based on their kitchens. And, more generally speaking, 55% of respondents said they wouldn’t purchase a home if they didn’t like the kitchen.

As the heartbeat of the home, the kitchen will always be held to a different standard among consumers. With these insights, now, independent retailers can help ensure that consumers in their local markets are happy with their eating and cooking area.

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