Diversify and Differentiate with Emerging Appliance Brands

Written by John Laing

August 10, 2023

zline kitchen

Over the last three years, we’ve strongly encouraged Nationwide Marketing Group Members to diversify their business by adding new brands, products and verticals to their offerings. It’s a strategy that, during cyclical downturns, can help protect your business.

When it comes to appliances, we’ve seen the impact that adding a category like luxury appliances — brands like Thermador, Monogram, Dacor and others — can have on business. It’s a category where consumers are still spending, and it can help differentiate your store from local Big Box competitors.

But even if luxury brands don’t specifically fit within your market or your current offerings, there’s still a sweet spot that exists between high-end appliances and the core brands like Samsung, LG and GE Appliances. This category, which we refer to as premium, includes step-up brands like Café, KitchenAid, Bosch and Speed Queen.

Looking at Speed Queen specifically, they’ve had great success within the Independent channel and with Nationwide Members because it’s a brand that is not sold at Big Box. You can make money selling it, it lasts a long time and it stays sold. That’s the epitome of differentiation. Also, within the premium sub-category, there are emerging brands that can help drive growth and profits in the Independent channel. Let’s look at a few of those and why you should consider adding them.


A leading global brand that came to the U.S. market about five years ago, energy efficiency and sustainability are at the core of the Beko brand. With those tenets in mind, they develop and sell products that incorporate meaningful innovation, like their new dishwasher line with CornerIntense cleaning. Beko’s HARVESTfresh refrigeration technology will also be key to their brand and digital strategy this summer. This system preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables for up to 30 days by utilizing a tricolor lighting system that simulates the sun’s cycle.

Beko has great features and benefits that are so critical to the sales associate value-add pitch to customers. Likewise, dealers will win because it is another brand that’s not sold at Big Box. You can make great margin with a low freight threshold, and they have great people to work with. It’s no wonder they’ve been our leading growth appliance brand during the last three years.


EuroChef is the exclusive importer of two brands, Verona and Lofra. Both are designed and built in Italy with innovative technology and impeccable performance. Lofra is a step-up brand that is packed with features like semi-sealed brass burners, ergonomically designed metal knobs and handles, telescopic glide shelf support, triple-pane glass oven doors and so much more. These brands will not be found at Big Box and are supported by a great group of distributors.


The FORNO brand of appliances follows the best European designs and fabrication methods that place them among most durable and reliable products on the market. FORNO will help you preserve the timeless tradition of great cooking for your loved ones. Highlighting their cooking innovation are their new French Door gas and dual fuel ranges. Nationwide Members flocked to those products, which were on display at PrimeTime in Dallas earlier this year.

FORNO has a channel strategy to help separate their online business from what they’re doing with brick-and-mortar Independent retailers. Talk to your FORNO distributor on how best to capitalize on this differentiation opportunity.


This full-line kitchen vendor partner is introducing new products this summer. They recently launched T-Series Ranges and tilt panel Professional gas and electric ranges with air frying capabilities. The tilt panel goes up with the touch of a button so you can see controls while cooking. With the same button, you can tilt down when not cooking, making it aesthetically pleasing. This is a feature that’s been very well received by the design community and should be a sales home run. In addition to this innovation, Thor Kitchen will be introducing their “A” series to round out their core, premium and luxury line-up.


Envisioned by its founder, ZLINE’s Autograph Edition combines industry-leading culinary performance with the perfect personalized touch.

“Luxury should never be left desired. It’s meant to be attainable,” says Andrew Zuro, founder of the brand.

ZLINE Kitchen is a full-line supplier of kitchen appliances. Their Autograph professional ranges, range tops and wall ovens offer high-powered performance with stunning accent finishes that perfectly compliment any style the discerning consumer seeks.


Check out two of NMG’s newest appliance Vendor Partners, both of which add to the premium appliance subcategory. Unique Appliances provides retro look products along with their niche offering of off-the-grid appliances. Summit Appliances will be featuring their specialty appliances manufactured for every space. They are especially strong at inventory management.

I learned a few years ago that to succeed in business you have to offer products and services that are unique. As the course offered by 95% Share Marketing taught us, “differentiate or die.” Own the relationship and keep your customers for a lifetime. Crafting a strategy and executing tactics around diversification and differentiation will ensure your long-term success. Let Nationwide Marketing Group help you along the path.


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