Energy Star Can Be the Ace Up Your Sleeve

Written by Rick Weinberg

October 22, 2020

Many Nationwide Independent retailers have been in business for decades, scores of years and, for a few, over a century. In that time, many Nationwide Member retailers and Independent businesses have been dealt challenging cards in challenging times. Yet they learned to overcome those challenges, and make the most of their hand.

Coronavirus has dealt us some terrible health cards that we as retailers alone could not handle. But thankfully we’re armed with the support of the CDC guidelines and a tremendous healthcare industry. Frankly, we’re blessed to live in the year 2020, where every scientist, doctor, nurse and medical professional is doing all they can for us. Thanks to all of that, we are able to do our best to keep our employees, our families and our customers safe and healthy.

I have no doubt that many of us will play our best cards online, in store, in the media, through our product assortment and in support of our local communities. And perhaps the ace up our sleeves is Nationwide’s relationship with Energy Star.

Energy Star, Energy Star Can Be the Ace Up Your Sleeve, Nationwide Marketing GroupFor more than 25 years Nationwide Members have embraced Energy Star and Energy Star Most Efficient qualified products and played the Energy Star card to present innovative, feature rich, energy efficient and compelling consumer products that consumers want. In fact, Nationwide Marketing Group and its members were recently recognized as a 2020 Energy Star Partner of The Year for Sustained Excellence Award Winner; that’s a Partner of The Year Award for the sixth year in a row. That is the EPAs highest award and it represents a ton of support for Energy Star, energy efficiency, the environment, and another prestigious card, only Nationwide Member retailers can play. No other Independent retail organization has won that award!

When you present Energy Star products to a consumer that has been out of the marketplace for perhaps 10 years, you’re showing them the most feature rich, innovative and energy efficient products. These are new products, available now that were not available the last time they were in the market for whatever it is they’re looking to replace.

Energy Star products will help your company sell products that customers want to say “yes” to, while delivering higher average ticket, more gross margin contribution to your bottom line and higher consumer value. You’re saving the consumer money when they buy it and Energy Star efficiency will save them money while they own it thanks to reduced energy costs during the life of the product.

Consider some of these lifetime savings and other benefits generated by Energy Star products:

  • Energy Star washers will save a consumer $370 in energy costs during its typical lifecycle
  • Energy Star dryers will save a consumer $245 in energy costs during its typical lifecycle
  • Energy Star washers and dryers use less energy, water and run at lower temperatures, taking better care of consumers clothing and are better for the environment
  • An Energy Star model delivers environmental benefits like lower energy use, cleaner air through less greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner water and they use much less water than older models

Surveys show that 90% of consumers acknowledge they are aware of the Energy Star logo, and 45% say that within the last 12 months they made a purchase decision based on the Energy Star logo. Those are compelling and important factors in deciding which models to put on your sales floor, which models to put on your website and how to display their features and benefits.

There will be several Energy Star national consumer campaigns across hot promotional periods and we will be supporting them through the group exclusive promotional calendar. In the weeks, ahead our Nationwide merchants will present you with tremendous Prime Time values which will include a tremendous offering of Energy Star models everywhere they can.

As we all look to assure that we’re doing all we can to help you through this challenging time, we want to encourage you to make sure that the Energy Star card is one you play to your advantage.

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