Four Trends to Watch in the Furniture Showroom

Written by Jeff Rose

February 3, 2020

I don’t care if you’re shopping for shoes, choosing a hairstyle, picking out your clothes or, oh yes, buying furniture, current trends and styles matter. So, the next time you’re in your store, stop at the front door and just look around. Does your store represent the year 2020? From the lights and the flooring to the product mix and, most importantly, the consumer experience, how do you measure up?

If you’re ready to start the new year off with a new look in your store, here are four trends that I think will majorly impact the furniture showroom shopping experience in 2020.

Trend #1 — Product

Did you know that multi-functional furniture is one of the major product trends consumers will search for in 2020? Whether driven by economics or the minimalist movement, smaller home and apartment rentals are becoming more popular. But these smaller spaces have less room available for furniture, which is why multi-functional pieces that help save space, such as beds with drawer storage or dressers with attached TV wall mount capabilities, will be must-haves in 2020.

Trend #2 — Working From Home

With today’s advancements in communication technology, working remotely is not uncommon. I live in Mississippi (believe it or not, but we do have the internet in Mississippi), and working out of my house is not an issue. That being said, having an updated, fully functional home office is very important to me — and the other tens of millions of people who work from home. The home office category is going to have a major impact on the furniture industry in 2020. Manufacturers and designers are extremely excited about creating unique furniture for home offices of all sizes, which means it’s critical that you incorporate the home office into your showroom this year.

Trend #3 — Color

Are you keeping up with the color trends in America? If not, you are missing a key factor when merchandising your showroom. The furniture industry and the fashion industry go hand in hand, and the color of a room is what influences the consumer’s imagination when they start the buying process. Staying on top of something as simple as color trends will help you design a showroom that sparks that imagination. So, what’s the color for 2020? According to Sherwin-Williams, it’s “Naval,” — a rich navy blue. Better get painting!

Trend #4 — Innovation & Technology

Innovation is a major trend moving into 2020, and furniture and bedding manufacturers are working hard to bring new technology to market. I’ve seen everything from a voice-activated sofa to an adjustable base with fans built into it so a consumer can sleep cooler at night. Bottom line, displaying the latest in furniture technology in your showroom is a must in 2020. Especially when it comes to everyone’s favorite addiction — the dreaded smartphone. Everyone has one and everyone needs to charge one. If you are not purchasing products that have smartphone charging stations built into them, you are missing sales. From the back of nightstands to consoles in the sectional, I would not buy a piece of furniture in 2020 without this addition.

Remember, trends are just that — trendy. Some may certainly be around for the long haul, but others will be gone next year. Make sure you take the time to do your research, and then jump on the opportunities that look hot and exciting. Because a few small changes can make a big impact.


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