Furrion Brings Outdoor TV’s to Nationwide, Distributed By O’Rourke Sales

Written by Rob Stott

February 9, 2020


Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the specialty vehicle, consumer and marine markets, recently announced it has selected O’Rourke Sales Company as distribution and fulfillment partner for the Independent Appliance and Consumer Electronics Channel, including Nationwide Marketing Group. Furrion expanded its brand with the introduction of its portfolio of Outdoor Electronics and Appliances at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show including the new Furrion Aurora series of weatherproof outdoor televisions. Designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of every season and complete with brightness technology that automatically adjusts to day or night lighting environments, the new Furrion Aurora TV’s ensure that the picture will always be a brilliant one no matter the conditions.3

“The demand for our Outdoor Living solutions have grown significantly over the past year,” said Grant Olafson, vice president of North American sales for Furrion. “Partnering with O’Rourke Sales Company will allow us to provide additional opportunities to the independent retail channel. O’Rourke Sales Company is known for offering best in class products and providing exceptional customer service. Their reputation, combined with their access to the Nationwide Marketing Group, will help Furrion to continue to grow this category.”

O’Rourke Sales Company has been servicing the independent retailer since 1965 and will focus on not only selling and servicing independent retailers but also in field sales, sales training, product demos and support for Furrion’s Outdoor Living portfolio. This new partnership will help Furrion expand into the outdoor and patio industry and provide distribution resources that will enable Furrion to focus on rapid product development and customer support. O’Rourke Sales Company will also be Furrion’s exclusive distributor of Outdoor TVs and Audio to the Nationwide Marketing Group and its more than 14,000 storefronts.

Partners like O’Rouke Sales Company are providing access to new sales channels that allow Furrion to leverage the expertise and technology it’s developed for its core markets into new industries and add value to the entire supply chain by driving up volume. “Furrion has incredible product offerings from its core RV, and Marine businesses and that innovation and technology can be applied to new products for this market,” noted Olafson. “Aurora TV is a great example of how we are able to utilize the success of our RV and marine televisions which are designed for rugged and extreme conditions and apply this to meet the consumer need of a durable outdoor TV that delivers cutting-edge picture quality.”

“We are excited to partner with Furrion and believe their innovation in outdoor lifestyle is something our consumers will definitely appreciate,” commented Andrew Terry, president of O’Rourke Sales Company. “Our company is built on quality and service, and Furrion’s products and business approach align perfectly with those building blocks. We expect this new product addition to perform well with our customer base.”

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