Guided by Member Feedback, Nationwide Marketing Group Launches Refreshed Content Strategy

Written by Rob Stott

March 2, 2021

Nationwide Marketing Group announced today that it has refreshed its online content strategy and media center to better deliver news and information to both its members and the independent retail channel at large.

“Nationwide Marketing Group has a long history of producing valuable content for our members and the broader independent retail channel,” says Amy Croom, director of PR and communications for NMG. “However, that content is only as strong as the impact it has on our members’ businesses. So, we worked closely with our members over the last several months to understand exactly what they want to hear from us and our vendor partners — and how they want to hear it. And many of the changes that we’ve made are a direct result of the feedback we received.”

independent thinking, Guided by Member Feedback, Nationwide Marketing Group Launches Refreshed Content Strategy, Nationwide Marketing GroupThe updated strategy leans heavily into the established brand identity of Independent Thinking — NMG’s member-focused magazine with a 20-plus year legacy. Among the changes, the company unveiled a completely refreshed Media Center and a brand-new weekly newsletter, both available for free and open to the public.

The Independent Thinking website serves as a one-stop shop for all of NMG’s media and thought leadership content, including press releases, blog posts, podcasts, the monthly Independent Retail Confidence Index report, case studies, videos, digital magazine archives and more. The weekly newsletter highlights the top content published and shared by the group that week in a simple-to-read format. In addition, Nationwide Marketing Group is working closely with its vendor partner community to ensure their voices are reflected throughout the new website and in the newsletter.

“Our members have told us that they want to hear from all aspects of the independent retail channel, and in a variety of formats, and that’s exactly what we plan to deliver to them with this new Independent Thinking website and newsletter,” says Rob Stott, corporate communications manager for Nationwide Marketing Group. “The clean design and simple functionality of the website and newsletter were intended to keep the focus on the content — similar to the experience you’d expect when flipping through Independent Thinking magazine or visiting a trade media website. We also wanted to ensure that the experience is familiar to anyone outside our industry who has an interest in learning more about the independent retail channel.”

The Independent Thinking website is live now and available to the public, and Nationwide members recently received the first edition of the Independent Thinking newsletter. Anyone interested in signing up for the free weekly newsletter, whether they’re a Nationwide member or simply interested in the Independent retail channel, can do so right here.


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