Health and Safety a Top Priority at PrimeTime in Phoenix

Written by Rob Stott

January 12, 2022

Nationwide Marketing Group takes great pride in our efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for PrimeTime attendees. Those efforts were on full display this past August in Nashville, in what turned out to be an incredibly successful return to in-person events for our Members.

As we aim to once again provide a safe and healthy space for attendees while we gather in Phoenix, we wanted to share some of the measures that will be in place.

On the PrimeTime Expo floor:

    • There will be designated entrance and exit doors
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the show floor
    • 3 Ws Signage (Wash your hands, Wear a mask and Wait 6ft. apart) will be displayed throughout the floor
    • Masks will be available at the entrance to the Expo Hall
    • Lunch will be served in an adjoining hall, with tables and seating set up to allow for social distancing
    • The show floor will be fogged and disinfected overnight

For meetings and events:

    • Classes and meetings will be held in larger rooms
    • Seating will be spaced out to allow for social distancing
    • Bracelets will be available to show comfort levels for distancing (fist bumping/high fives, etc.)
    • The opening general session will be live streamed in regional meeting rooms
    • Palooza will take place in an exhibit hall that’s three-times the typical size for the event
    • In addition, attendees will be able to participate in Palooza via the Palooza app from their hotel room, if they prefer

On top of the measures outlined above, Nationwide and PrimeTime will of course follow all state, local and Phoenix Convention Center mandates. Currently, there are no COVID-19 mandates for our event attendees from the state of Arizona, Maricopa County or the convention center. The Phoenix Convention Center has undergone the multi-step process to become a GBAC STAR™ Accredited Facility. It achieved this accreditation after demonstrating compliance with the program’s 20 elements and has implemented them in its daily practices.

Further, we remain in close partnership and communication with our local partners and health officials for their expertise and guidance, and will continue to keep you updated on any changes to our health and safety plan.

The Nationwide Marketing Group team looks forward to another successful and fruitful in-person PrimeTime with our Members and Vendor Partners. If you have any questions or concerns in advance of the show, please reach out to your MSM or email us for more information.

For additional health and safety information, we encourage you to check out the links below:

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