How to Market Your Business to Rental Property Owners: 7 Effective Strategies for Success

Written by Jayme Muller

July 11, 2024

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Is your business actively marketing to rental property owners? If not, you should be. Here’s why.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent Rental Housing Finance Survey found that approximately 20 million rental properties with 48.2 million total units exist in the United States. And 41.2 percent of these units were owned by individuals – not corporations.

In 2023, the U.S. short-term rental (STR) market alone brought in $64 billion from over 2.4 million properties listed by 785,000 hosts. And overall, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that approximately 10.6 million Americans earn rental income, regardless of the type of property.

The long (and short) of it is that millions of rental units exist in the United States today and could – at any given moment – have a broken appliance in need of repair or replacement. Duress purchases can be just as challenging for the landlord as they can be for the renter – because that tenant is counting on them. Similarly, with STRs, hosts are highly motivated to fix appliance issues quickly and painlessly to earn a 5-star review.

But this isn’t only about appliances. Fully furnished rentals also increase demand for household items like furniture, TVs and other consumer electronics typically provided and maintained by the property owner (a.k.a., the host).

If your city or community is a hotbed for long- or short-term rentals, it’s time to position your business as a vital resource to the owners and managers of these properties.

Consider these seven suggestions below to start building your strategy today.

Social Media and Google Ads

Did you know: On social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can use location targeting and relevant keywords to direct ads at short-term rental hosts and landlords.

You can also target rental property owners with Google Ads based on demographics, interests and online activity.

Not sure how to get started with digital advertising? Our OneShop team can help!

Advertise on Real Estate Sites

Real estate sites like Zillow or Realtor.com are likely frequented by folks trying to get in the game or by existing real estate investors hoping to expand their portfolio.

Advertising on these sites can be done by zip code, too, which also makes it easy to target both entrepreneurs and new homeowners who may at some point need a new appliance, home entertainment system, or sofa.

Highlight Relevant Deals and Services

Whether you advertise in-store, on your website, or in a local mailer, be sure to note deals and services that will appeal to rental property owners. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Discounts on last-ones or display models
  • Bulk purchase savings
  • Warranties and product protection plans
  • Free delivery or haul away services
  • Expedited delivery – even for a fee!
  • Special installation rates

Get the word out on these and other value-adds you offer – especially if they differentiate you from local competitors and Big Box stores.

Use Direct Mail Strategically

Sending postcards to an entire zip code may not be in your budget. But what about sending a mailer to local property management companies? This way, you can target apartment and condominium complexes as well as companies that manage short-term rentals.

Building relationships with property managers makes your business the go-to for anything from bulk orders to duress situations.

Launch a Loyalty Program

Develop a program that rewards repeat customers with special perks or freebies. Whether you open the program up to all customers or limit it to those purchasing product for investment properties, it can be a small but mighty way to retain existing customers. And if a customer happens to own more than one property, that creates an even greater win-win.

Start a Referral Program

Those existing, loyal customers are your most sincere and loudest advocates. They also might be acquainted with other rental property owners in your area. Encourage them to spread the good word about your business and confirm your credibility in exchange for a reward.

Like the loyalty program, reward options can be anything from free merchandise to a special discount or entry into a drawing for a larger prize. Get creative!

You can also promote your referral program to local community groups with members who may be likely to own at least one rental property. It’s possible your community could even have a local Airbnb hosting group. Yes, those do exist!

Grow Your SEO Traffic

Google Ads are great. But there are ways you can optimize your website to show up in searches without paying a dime. Instead, use your expertise.

Start a blog on your website that answers frequently asked questions in your industry. To attract rental property owners, be sure to include topics relevant to them. Your posts don’t have to be long. They only need to provide value to the reader and keep them on your site longer – which will tell Google to show your site to more people searching for similar topics.

Need a few blog post ideas? Here are a few topics to consider:

  • How often should you replace appliances
  • How to maintain appliances and why it’s important
  • Energy efficient options to lower utility bills
  • How to select the right products for your rental property

Remember: You are the expert. What you share should reflect your strengths and position your business as an authority in your field. Smart business-minded folks are attracted to businesses that know what they’re talking about.

And while this list might seem daunting, it really doesn’t need to be. Start small. Which idea above could you start implementing today to reach and support your local rental property owners? Dip your toe into this segment and see what kind of a response you get.

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