Independent We Stand Brings New Resources to Nationwide Members

Written by Bill Brunelle

December 20, 2019

A new partnership between Nationwide Marketing Group and Independent We Stand is creating new opportunities for Nationwide members. 

Independent We Stand works with local businesses across the country to promote the importance of buying local. Through this new partnership, each Nationwide member is now also a Premium Member of Independent We Stand. With these free memberships, courtesy of Nationwide Marketing Group, members have access to even more tools and tips for promoting their businesses. 

An Independent We Stand Premium Membership offers a full suite of marketing resources, tailored specifically to small and local businesses. These resources help businesses leverage a movement that’s bigger than their local storefront. The buy local movement inspires consumers across the country to shop small and think local whenever they shop, dine out, travel or book services. To leverage the buy local movement with their Independent We Stand membership, Nationwide members have access to such resources as: 

  • Buy local point-of-sale materials 
  • Seasonal and themed social media graphics 
  • Studies highlighting the impact of small businesses 
  • Presentations for use in advocacy efforts 
  • A listing on the Independent We Stand business search and mobile app 

To access these resources, Nationwide Members can download graphics, customizable templates and more directly from MemberNet. 

Now more than ever, it’s important for local brick-and-mortar businesses to set themselves apart. These days, competition comes not just from big-box retailers and national chains, but also from online-only businesses. Still, local brick-and-mortars offer an experience and a level of service that these competitors can’t match. In the wake of this digital big-box revolution, Independent We Stand emphasizes these differentiators to educate consumers and communities about the important economic benefits of buying local. 

“I am so happy that I found Independent We Stand, and I love that they have businesses from all over the country who are coming together to promote the importance of supporting local businesses,” says Debbie Schaeffer, chief customer officer at Mrs. G TV & Appliances in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. 

In addition to supporting individual businesses, Independent We Stand also works closely with Main Street organizations to support community-wide and regional efforts. These organizations connect local businesses to each other to restore, preserve and revitalize downtown districts and community centers that sustain small businesses and local economies. They create engaging events that draw people downtown and restore downtrodden structures to create new places for small businesses to thrive. Each year, Independent We Stand celebrates and draws attention to this work by hosting the America’s Main Streets Contest, which awards one community with a cash prize for revitalization.  

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have connected with Independent We Stand,” says Robert Maguire, owner of Rutland Appliances in Rutland, Vermont.While distributing the Independent We Stand materials to other locally owned businesses in town and taking part in the America’s Main Streets Contest, I have begun to see my own city with a new perspective. I am planning to give the Independent We Stand ‘Why Buy into Buying Local’ presentation to members of our local Chamber of Commerce, and they have helped me be the change I want to see in Rutland.” 

To take advantage of these opportunities and all that Independent We Stand has to offer, begin exploring the available resources on MemberNet today. And for more information about your membership and its benefits, call the Independent We Stand/Nationwide Marketing Group Member Activation Hotline tollfree at 1-888787-8497.


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