The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped so many facets of so many different industries. The Independent retail channel was among the many forced to quickly adapt to new norms and fast-paced swings in consumer behaviors. Now, more than eight months after the virus forced so many businesses to close their doors and seek new ways of engaging customers, we’re able to reflect on how this channel — like so many times before — survived the unthinkable, and what changes will need to be made moving forward to keep up with customers’ needs.

From a sustained boom in online spending to shifting priorities in what’s important to them, consumers are the catalyst behind all of the innovating and adapting that retailers have gone through this year. As you’ll find in the infographic here, COVID’s impact is likely to be ongoing, perhaps even permanent in some regards. But that’s OK, because as we’ve seen throughout the history of our channel, Independent store owners are at their best when faced with seemingly unthinkable odds and circumstances. Nationwide Members in particular have shown just how tough, resilient and gritty they can be throughout 2020, and we have all the confidence in the world that they’ll continue to turn these challenges into massive opportunities to thrive.

independent retail, Infographic: COVID-19’s Impact on Independent Retail and Consumers Shopping Habits, Nationwide Marketing Group