marketing, Meaningful Marketing Matters, and Nationwide Marketing Agency is Here to Help You, Nationwide Marketing GroupIn February 2019, Nationwide Marketing Group launched a full-service marketing agency that supports you, our Members, in all of your efforts to drive brand recognition, create a larger digital footprint and increase your annual sales.

We have Members all over the country who have signed up for this service and have seen noticeable growth in all areas of their business. While we know this isn’t a service for the entire NMG Member community, we have seen great opportunities to serve those of you who do need help with marketing.

Our agency specializes in services like email content development, social media management, print/media buys, RWS management and co-op submission. We’d like to share with you some of our biggest wins over the last year.

Philanthropic Engagement

The agency created a military giveaway for Shumway Appliance in Wisconsin to give back to local members of their community who have served or who are currently serving in the U.S. military.

We saw explosive social engagement when the winner was announced on Facebook. Their announcement produced more than 6,400 unique impressions and almost 500 post clicks, which was 100% organic. The agency provided support for this initiative in areas of print design, webpage design/ development and social media content.

AdRocket Management

The agency was able to help Senzig’s Furniture & Appliance, also in Wisconsin, boost their AdRocket impact by increasing clicks and overall impressions.

By working together with owner Todd Senzig to identify brands and models of inventory, the agency was able to work with RWS and create a great display ad campaign for October that garnered an additional 300 clicks and over 85,000 additional impressions, which directly impacted in-store traffic and sales.

In-Store Promotional Support

Mt. Vernon TV & Appliance in Illinois had two large events in the last part of 2019 that the agency was able to help support.

One of these events was MVTVA’s 38th Annual Tent Sale, which moved $50,000 worth of inventory in three days. MVTVA Sales Manager Jeff Klein said he saw great sales and increased awareness of the event this year. The agency was able to help support this event by promoting it on social media, designing and distributing an email to their store email list, and managing an RWS ad campaign and website marketing around the event.

We are always looking for ways to help grow your business and develop creative solutions for any marketing struggles.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Nationwide Marketing Agency and how we could work together, please reach out to your MSM or contact Becky Jarrell at 901-830-5642 or gro.puorgediwnoitan@llerraj.ykceb.