Nationwide Marketing Group Announces New Accounts Payable Program with Comdata 

Written by Amy Croom

August 15, 2019

Partnership will help members turn their accounts payable departments into revenue generators 

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Nationwide Marketing Group announced today a new partnership with Comdataa leading provider of B2B payment solutions. This new partnership provides Nationwide members with a virtual credit card program that frees up processing time, lowers payment expenses, reduces fraud risk and offers premium rebates on accounts payable spending.  

“Comdata is very excited about partnering with Nationwide Marketing Group to deliver incremental value and new corporate payment efficiencies to Nationwide members,” says Chris Shanahan, senior vice president of strategic partnerships with Comdata. 

Through this new group-negotiated program, Nationwide members can replace the hassle of paper checks for their company expenses with single-use, virtual Mastercard payments — with no upfront implementation cost. Once enrolled, members can easily track and automatically reconcile payments, as well as gain insights into their expenses. 

Studies show that that the average cost of paying a single bill by check is $5.14,” says Frank Sandtner, executive vice president of business services for Nationwide Marketing Group. “Replacing checks with a virtual credit card not only reduces that cost, but also reduces fraud risk and increases control. 

Jason Mehl, president and CEO of Metro Mattress Corporation, and a Nationwide member, has already experienced a great return after integrating Comdata’s solution into his accounting operations. 

“Metro Mattress has utilized Comdata now for over a year, and the program has been fantastic,” Mehl says. Paying vendors and service providers using the Comdata program is a wonderful way to earn tax-free rebates while helping automate and simplify the accounts payables process. With the help of the Comdata program, we turned our payables process, which was once a time-consuming expense for our company, into a time-saving, revenue-generating opportunity.” 

Members are encouraged to visit the Comdata booth at Nationwide’s PrimeTime event, happening Aug. 17-20 in New Orleans, to learn more. 


About Nationwide Marketing Group 

Nationwide Marketing Group works on behalf of thousands of independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation and rent-to-own dealers helping them grow their businesses and thrive on their own terms. With more than 5,000 members operating some 14,000 storefronts, Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest buying, marketing and business support organization of its kind, representing billions in combined annual sales across the membershipFor nearly 50 years, the organization has remained committed to the independent channel, empowering members with the scale, sophistication and efficiencies they need to compete while delivering the unmatched business intelligence, tools and resources required to win in an ever-changing business environment. To learn more, visit nationwidegroup.org. 

About Comdata 

Comdata Inc., a FLEETCOR company (NYSE: FLT), is a leading provider of innovative payment and operating technology that drives actionable insights from spending data, builds enhanced controls and positively impacts its clients’ bottom lines. The company partners with more than 30,000 businesses to better manage $55B in annual fleet, corporate purchasing, payroll and healthcare spending, making it the leading commercial Mastercard issuer in North America. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, Comdata employs more than 1,300 professionals across the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about Comdata, visit http://www.comdata.com. 

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