Nationwide Marketing Group Launches New Oracle NetSuite Program for Independent Retail Channel

Written by Rob Stott

April 1, 2022

Nationwide Marketing Group is launching a new program that gives independent retailers access to Oracle NetSuite, a powerful cloud business software system, designed to make it easier and more efficient to run their businesses.

“This agreement with NetSuite is a tremendous win for Nationwide dealers,” says Steve Mahler, director of point of sale (POS) for Nationwide. “Beyond the pricing benefits, NetSuite brings to the table an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in this space. And their renowned and innovative system is designed to be both simple and flexible for our retailers.”

Mahler says that everything a retailer needs to run their business can be found in NetSuite’s system, from core financials and inventory management to in-store point of sale systems, human resource tools, supply chain management and more.

“We’re in the implementation phase right now with NetSuite, and one of the main reasons we picked them as our provider is because of the flexibility they offer,” says Steven Stone, president and CEO of BedMart Mattress Superstores, a Portland, Oregon-based Nationwide member with 40 locations. “NetSuite has been working closely with us to find the services that work best for our business. In addition to the core NetSuite system, they offer hundreds of integrations with other technology solutions. That level of flexibility is unique and sets them apart from other ERP providers.”

Working with businesses of all sizes to create custom solutions is nothing new for NetSuite.

“Changing out your operational systems – or even POS or ecommerce – can be a scary thing,” says Chris Benner, vertical product manager of retail for Oracle NetSuite. “We leverage our 23+ years of experience and our work with 29,000+ customers to create solid and consistent processes and a proven methodology that allows businesses to manage all their critical operations in one system.”

Stone says he’s realizing the first-hand benefits of that experience and is excited for other Nationwide dealers to have the opportunity to work with NetSuite.

“I’m excited to see that this system is being made available to the whole group to help manage their processes and business,” he says. “NetSuite is competitive, it’s flexible and it has a lot of dynamic opportunities for retailers of all shapes and sizes.”


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