Nationwide Marketing Group, No Child Hungry Offer Aid to Those Impacted by Crisis in Turkey and Syria

Written by Rob Stott

March 16, 2023

turkey earthquake no child hungry nationwide marketing group

A month removed from the massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck in Turkey and Syria, the need for critical supplies and aid is ongoing. And Nationwide Marketing Group has partnered with No Child Hungry to give independent retailers an opportunity to provide support to those most in need in the region.

In lieu of the traditional meal-packing events held at PrimeTime, Nationwide and No Child Hungry, in coordination with CityServe, are working to fund a three-phased approach to their giveback efforts. Phase I involves sending hygiene kits and rescue buckets directly to those most in need. Phase II will see generators, tarps and additional rescue buckets sent into the region. And Phase III will involve sending meals and additional hygiene kits.

Nationwide has already stepped up with a donation that will help fund the hygiene kits and rescue buckets being supplied in Phase I, as well as shipping costs to get the supplies into Turkey and Syria.

“The urgency of the need in that region is great,” says Nationwide President and Chief Member Advocate Tom Hickman. “We felt that we couldn’t wait until we came together at PrimeTime to make an impact. But we know that when we are there in Dallas, just like any other event where our group comes together, our members will find new ways to inspire us with their ability to affect change in the lives of those who need it most.”

At PrimeTime in Dallas, No Child Hungry will be on hand to provide information about their efforts in Turkey and Syria and to accept donations that will go directly toward their giveback initiative in the region.

“This is a situation that we truly needed to get ahead of, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Nationwide Marketing Group for their continued support,” says Mike Whitaker, who recently transitioned into his role as senior vice president for No Child Hungry after serving the independent retail channel for more than a decade with Nationwide. “I’ve seen firsthand the impact that this industry and, specifically, these retailers have made over the past five years of this partnership. They never cease to amaze me with their willingness to donate their time and efforts to get food and critical supplies to kids throughout the world. I can’t wait to see what kind of statement they make for the families and children in Turkey and Syria when we’re together in Dallas.”

It’s meaningful work any time Nationwide and its members get together and give back to a community and children in need. But the situation in Turkey and Syria hits even closer to home within the Nationwide family. Appliance vendor partner Beko is a part of the Arçelik brand, which is based out of Turkey.

“As a global brand with roots in Turkey, Beko is grateful for Nationwide’s partnership with No Child Hungry to bring relief to some of the tens of thousands impacted by the earthquakes in the southeastern part of the country,” says Salih Zeki Bugay, vice president of product management for Beko US Inc. “For me, as a native of Turkey, the work being done on behalf of independent appliance dealers throughout the United States becomes personal. My hope is that we can raise awareness during PrimeTime to increase our industry’s ability to respond and help those in need.”

Visit the No Child Hungry website for more information on their efforts in Turkey and Syria and to learn more about ways you can donate and volunteer.


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