Nationwide Marketing Group Offers Integration of PayPal to Members for Seamless E-Commerce Integration

Written by Rob Stott

March 17, 2022

If the pandemic taught small businesses anything, it’s that they need to meet their customers where they are in order to be successful. And that location, which should come as no surprise, is online. Independent retailers have made major investments in their websites during the past 18 months, which has helped the channel thrive during a period where things could have gone in a completely different direction. Now, with fully capable websites at their disposal, the challenge becomes offering consumers the right options to not only browse for product, but easily pay for it as well.

That’s where Nationwide Marketing Group’s new collaboration with PayPal, one of the most recognizable digital payment solutions, aims to fill the gap. Through this work, Nationwide dealers with websites managed by Site on Time or Retailer Web Services can seamlessly enroll in a program that will allow them to add PayPal as a payment option on their websites. The program also gives them access to a Nationwide-exclusive volume rebate on all PayPal payments.

“Forging this collaboration with PayPal stands to benefit not only our members but also their customers,” says Chris Kirk, vice president of financial and business services for Nationwide. “By adding PayPal to their websites, our members can now give their customers another option to quickly and seamlessly purchase product from their website and in their stores. And, with our group-exclusive volume rebates, this program with PayPal has the potential to positively impact our members’ bottom lines.”

Today, PayPal boasts a network of more than 400 million users and accounts for roughly 22% of all online transactions. In addition to the integrated credit card processing online, PayPal brings to the table access to Venmo, PayPal Credit, their Pay in 4 program (buy now, pay later) and a QR Code payment service through the PayPal wallet.

In addition, PayPal has proven to be a force in helping to “close the sale” online. According to industry data, PayPal transactions have a 70% higher checkout conversion rate than non-PayPal transactions. Further, consumers are 54% more willing to buy from business when PayPal is offered as a payment option.

Nationwide members can sign up as a new customer through the program or convert their existing PayPal accounts to the new Nationwide program to take advantage of the group-exclusive volume rebates. And the teams at Site on Time and Retailer Web Services are available to assist dealers with questions related to website integration.


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