Nationwide Marketing Group Opens Las Vegas Market Live Experience for Furniture and Bedding Dealers

Written by Rob Stott

July 25, 2022

As the furniture and bedding community descends upon World Market Center for Las Vegas Market this week, July 25-28, Nationwide Marketing Group has officially reopened its Las Vegas Market Live online platform.

Introduced during Las Vegas Market last year, Las Vegas Market Live was initially designed to bring the experience of Market to retailers warry of traveling during the pandemic. However, the platform has proven to be a must-see experience for dealers, whether they attend the show or not.

“Feedback from the dealer community has been tremendous around Las Vegas Market Live — and our other live event coverage throughout the year,” says Mike Derro, vice president of furniture and bedding for Nationwide. “For those retailers who can’t make the trip to Vegas, this is a great opportunity to stay on top of the latest product introductions and hear directly from key vendor partners. And even for those individuals who do attend Market, it’s impossible to see everything. This platform is a great way to see things they might’ve missed and get deeper insights from our manufacturer partners.”

The platform features video interviews from dozens of furniture and bedding manufacturers offering updates on their latest product introductions, overviews on the hottest trends on display at the show and other highlights from Las Vegas Market. In addition, Nationwide will leave the Las Vegas Market Live platform open after the show, giving retailers on-demand access to all the content produced during Las Vegas Market.

For more information and to see the latest updates, head to www.lasvegasmarketlive.com.


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