Nationwide to Serve as Facilitating Co-Sponsor for ENERGY STAR Product Partner Meeting

Written by Rob Stott

July 16, 2021

Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hosts its ENERGY STAR Product Partner Meeting, an event that brings together manufacturers, retailers, utilities, and energy efficiency program sponsors and advocates from myriad industries — including appliances, electronics, HVAC — to discuss a wide range of topics. And this year, Nationwide Marketing Group is proud to serve as the facilitating co-sponsor of the ENERGY STAR Product Partner Meeting.

Hosted in Denver, November 2-4, the three-day schedule will include various topics and sessions, including:

  • Policy and program updates at the national, regional and local level
  • Topical sessions that address program priorities and product-specific issues
  • Branding, promotions and communications sessions
  • An ENERGY STAR product expo
  • Opportunities to organize and conduct one-on-one meetings with key ENERGY STAR stakeholders

The meeting is open to all ENERGY STAR partners and stakeholders, which includes a broad mix of utilities and energy efficiency program sponsors, retail partners, manufacturing partners who produce ENERGY STAR certified products, organizations involved in the ENERGY STAR Third Party Certification program, and other organizations active in the energy efficiency community.

“The ENERGY STAR Product Partner Meeting presents a tremendous opportunity for all of the key stakeholders to come together and learn about the benefits of being associated with the ENERGY STAR program,” says Richard Weinberg, senior vice president of business services for Nationwide Marketing Group. “Over the last 30 years, many Nationwide Members have learned that when they present and sell ENERGY STAR certified products they are showcasing innovative, feature rich, energy efficient and climate-friendly products that consumers prefer to own. Nationwide remains wholly committed to supporting this critically important program, and we’re proud to showcase our investment in ENERGY STAR by serving as a facilitating co-sponsor for the Product Partner Meeting.”

Interested in learning more about ENERGY STAR and the Product Partner Meeting? Check out the event’s website.

Join Nationwide in co-sponsoring the ENERGY STAR Product Partner Meeting

Nationwide is pleased to offer all our fellow ENERGY STAR partners this limited time opportunity to join us in co-sponsoring food and beverage and audio-visual offerings for the meetings. This opportunity is open until the earlier of August 20, 2021, or until co-sponsorship goals are met. Co-sponsorship opportunities are available to ENERGY STAR partners in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis until August 20, 2021 or until co-sponsorship goals are met. After the co-sponsorship cut-off, individual registration fees will be set at a level that covers remaining food and beverage costs of the meeting For more info, head to the event sponsorship page, or get in touch with Richard Weinberg at rick.weinberg@nationwidegroup.org.


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