Navigating the Future: Key Talent Trends Every Leader Should Know for 2024

Written by Nick Burnett

February 8, 2024

talent growth, Human Resources, development, company culture, DEI

Welcome to 2024, where the talent game is changing big time. Tech’s moving fast and so are the ways we work together. Let’s dive into some noteworthy trends shaping the business landscape this year and how you can use them to give your organization an edge.

1. DEIB and the Forgotten Workforce: A Power Combo

This year’s all about cranking up the volume on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) and bringing the ‘forgotten workforce’ into the mix. A recent Forbes article notes that “diversity and inclusion…are considered a source of competitive advantage.”

We’re talking about making our teams as diverse as the communities we inhabit, from retirees to neurodiverse folks and the disabled. It’s not just filling seats; it’s about enriching our crew with a mix of perspectives and tapping into a talent pool otherwise forgotten.

2. Smart Home Tech: Learn, Adapt, Repeat

In the smart home tech world, standing still is not an option. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) says, “The ability to continuously learn and adapt is becoming more critical.” Teams across Nationwide Marketing Group are making moves to give our Members access to all sorts of training and education to ensure that you and your employees are able to stay ahead of trends and grow together.

Our custom integrators have free access to the CEDIA Learning Academy. The growth and development of platforms like Luxury University, Mattress University and Furniture Forum have helped boost the overall output of the Nationwide Learning Academy, as well. And we’re just getting started.

3. Spotlight on Success: Show Off Your Team

Time to get our teams out there with some flair on social media, our websites and beyond. Despite the old fear of talent poaching, LinkedIn shows that spotlighting your employees boosts recruitment and trust. It’s about celebrating our biggest asset — our people — and letting their talents shine.

4. Work-Life Harmony

Forget the old work-life balance act; it’s all about harmony now. SHRM says employees want “a work environment that fits with their life priorities.” We’re crafting cultures that blend work with life, making everyone happier and more productive.

5. Growing from Within

With everyone chasing the best talent and competition being tougher than ever, the real gold can be found in the employees that are already a part of the team. A recent Forbes article points out that nurturing our own folks for promotion helps to fill gaps faster and builds loyalty. It’s about investing in who we have and watching them soar. Do you have development and succession plans in place? If not, now’s the time.

6. Benefits That Really Benefit

Let’s take the start of a new year to think outside the health insurance and PTO box. Tailoring benefits, like adding pet insurance, childcare assistance or home improvement bonuses, speaks volumes. It tells your team, “We see you,” making your place one where everyone feels valued.

Actionable Advice:

  1. Mix It Up: Dive into diverse talent pools. Engaging the forgotten workforce isn’t just nice; it’s smart.
  2. Learn Non-Stop: Push for continuous learning. It keeps us sharp and ready for anything.
  3. Showcase Your People: Leverage your social media platforms and internal company communication tools to call out your superstars.
  4. Harmonize: Blend work and life in a way that supports our team’s big picture, not just the organization’s.
  5. Build from Within: Focus on growing our own talent. Their success is our success.
  6. Personalize Perks: Really know your team. Personalized benefits show we care beyond the office walls.

These trends are all about building teams that are ready for anything, appreciated for their uniqueness, and supported in growing both personally and professionally. Let’s use these insights to elevate our businesses this year, making our companies the place to be.

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