Oasys Closes Year with CI Membership Up Over 100 Percent, Readies for Strong 2024

Written by Rob Stott

November 30, 2023

Doubling the number of pure custom integrators who call Oasys Residential Technology Group home didn’t happen by accident. The Oasys team, led by Director Hank Alexander, put in the work throughout 2023, rebranding as an organization, launching a new website, standing up a dedicated field support team and refocusing its efforts towards becoming a group for custom integrators of all shapes and sizes. As a result, Nationwide Marketing Group’s CI division has made impressive strides as it closes in on its “Drive to 1,000” initiative.

Oasys will close out 2023 with nearly 300 total CI members.

“The rebrand provided us an opportunity to refocus our efforts and define not only who we are but how we help our members accomplish their goals and reach new heights,” says Alexander. “It also allowed us to generate a lot of excitement within the group and buzz around the industry, which we’re continuing to build off of. As we close out this year and look back on what we’ve been able to do, I’m excited about where we’re heading in 2024 and beyond.”

In addition to the strong membership growth, Oasys has greatly expanded its vendor line card over the past few months to better suit members’ product needs. New programs with Future Ready Solutions, Lowell, Masimo, ProjX360 and Sonance, among others, have helped to round out the Oasys offering. Further, the group has continued to expand its lighting program by welcoming American Lighting, and more partnerships announcements are expected in the coming months.

“We’re thrilled to have a vendor roster that’s filled with world-class partners across every segment of the CI industry,” Alexander says. “We’re constantly communicating with our members and trying to identify areas of opportunity. So, we expect to continue fine-tuning our vendor programs into the new year.”

Growth for Oasys happened internally, as well, with the organization launching a dedicated field team to support the CI group, as well as its inaugural dealer advisory board. It was also a busy year on the road with the first-ever Oasys Summit in Nashville, Tenn., in May; a series of CEDIA Tech Summit appearances; and a major presence at CEDIA Expo with sister brands Ellipsys Commercial Technology Group and Azione Unlimited.

Looking ahead, the first full calendar year for Oasys will include the group’s second-annual Oasys Summit, set to take place April 29 – May 1, 2024, in Austin, Texas, as well as an appearance at Lightapalooza in Phoenix, February 26-29.

“This year was all about laying a solid foundation for the group,” says Alexander. “As we look ahead to next year, the real fun begins. We get to tell the Oasys story, continue to grow the organization and become that beacon of light for custom integrators.”

This release was originally published on the Oasys website.

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