PrimeTime Today Trivia Winners Announced

Written by Rob Stott

August 19, 2022

To say the Nationwide Marketing Group family had an absolute blast connecting with our Members and Vendor Partners at PrimeTime this week in Orlando would be an enormous understatement. The mix of education, deals, networking and just downright fun that we had added up to one of the best PrimeTime’s to date — and we’re already looking forward to our next show in Dallas, March 25-28, 2023.

Before we get there, though, we still have some unfinished business from Orlando!

Each morning of the show, as attendees were getting ready for the day ahead, they had the chance to tune in to our PrimeTime Today broadcasts either from their hotel room TV or their personal devices and participate in several giveaway opportunities. Over the course of the four days, seven trivia questions were asked. And today, we’re excited to announce the winners of those fabulous prizes.

First, a quick recap on how this all worked. During each broadcast, trivia questions were posed. A QR code was presented on the screen during each question. Members were invited to submit their answers. All correct answers were then put into random drawings. The winners were selected. And, here today, we’re pleased to announce who those winners are!

    • Question 1: Where will PrimeTime be held, March 25-28, 2023?
      Dallas, Texas
      Monty Montgomery, Furniture and Appliance Mart
      Prize: 3rd Generation Apple AirPods
    • Question 2: In the Harry Potter novels, what is Lord Voldemort’s real name?
      Tom Marvolo Riddle
      Debra White, White’s Furniture and Appliances
      Prize: Google Hub
    • Question 3: How many storefronts are represented across the entire NMG Membership (as of that morning)?
      Alan Burns, Lubbock Appliance
      Prize: Sonos Roam speaker
    • Question 4: What is the name of NMG’s exclusive digital signage system?
      Answer: MediaSign TV
      Winner: Ellen Clarke, Ruby & Quiri
      Prize: Klipsch True Wireless Headphones
    • Question 5: Who did Florida businessman Dr. Phillip Phillips, who perfected the canned OJ process, sell his company to in 1954 for $50 million?
      Minute Maid
      Winner: Dan Lucy, Lucy’s Appliance
      Prize: $100 Visa gift card
    • Question 6: In the digital marketing world, October 23, 2000, is a significant date. What happened on that day?
      Google AdWords launched
      Winner: Mike Franson, Hometown Mattress
      Prize: Apple Watch
    • Question 7: When is Harry Potter’s birthday?
      Answer: July 31
      Winner: Bill Donaldson, Bill and Rod’s Appliance
      Prize: NMG backpack filled with Harry Potter memorabilia

Congratulations to all of the winners! And thank you to everyone who participated in our PrimeTime Today trivia. See you in Dallas!


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