Progressive Leasing’s Flexible Lease-to-Own Options Available to Thousands of Nationwide Marketing Group Members

Written by Amy Croom

March 15, 2022

Nationwide Marketing Group announced today a partnership with Progressive Leasing, a leading provider of e-commerce, app-based and in-store lease-to-own solutions.

The partnership offers thousands of retailers in Nationwide’s independent merchant network Member-specific access to Progressive Leasing’s innovative e-commerce, app-based and in-store lease-to-own products and technologies. By enabling Progressive Leasing’s flexible payment options, all Nationwide Members can offer customers an additional way to gain access to their preferred payment structure, powered by seamless transactions.

Nationwide’s Members can also utilize Progressive Leasing’s proprietary ProgCentral platform to easily manage every aspect of their lease-to-own business from a computer, tablet or mobile device, while enhanced plug-ins for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce and WordPress offer a plug-and-play retailer experience optimized for easy integration of Progressive Leasing into existing shopping websites.

“Our partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group provides Progressive Leasing a trusted introduction to thousands of small- and medium-sized retailers across the country,” says Mike Giordano, Progressive Leasing’s chief commercial officer. “Nationwide’s Members can now help grow their business by offering their customers the transparent and flexible payment options they want, backed by Progressive Leasing’s industry-leading technologies, decisioning and customer support.”

“As one of the most-respected vendors in the lease-to-own space, Progressive Leasing has proven to be a stable and sustainable partner for independent retailers looking to expand their LTO options,” says Megann McDaniel, director of financial services for Nationwide Marketing Group. “We are excited to now be able to offer Progressive Leasing’s flexible payment options to our Members.”

Dozens of Nationwide’s Member retailers have contacted Progressive Leasing to add or extend their lease-to-own payment options following the announcement of the partnership at last month’s PrimeTime event, Nationwide’s semi-annual buying, education and networking opportunity for independent retailers.

Members of Nationwide’s independent merchant network looking to learn more about integrating Progressive Leasing’s lease-to-own payment options to their e-commerce or in-store checkout processes should use Nationwide’s MemberNet to contact their local Progressive Leasing representative for more information.


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