Serta Simmons Bedding Helps You Beat Rising Costs

Written by Gordon Hecht

August 10, 2022

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You don’t have to go far these days to see the effects of inflation. It’s at the gas pump, at the grocery store and in the rising costs of your own business. While we can’t control the national surge of rising prices, there are actions you can take to maintain sales, margin and profitability. And as a Nationwide Marketing Group Member, Serta Simmons Bedding is here to help.

There are two ways to increase sales in your store. You can sell more shoppers or sell each buyer one more item. The second option is easier when you display Serta Simmons beds. Whether you operate a furniture store, appliance store or mattress store, know this: Your shopper has one living room, one kitchen, one family room, and three or four bedrooms. Every shopper is a mattress shopper. You just have to ask – then show and sell the brand name they know and love. Adding on any mattress, from budget twin size for the kids or luxury king adjustable, means an extra $300-$7,000 or more in net sales.

Fuel and labor costs are taking historic leaps. The average cost of home delivery has almost doubled since 2019. Make the most of that fixed cost by increasing sales on luxury mattresses. Since 2020 the demand for higher-end mattresses has risen faster than inflation. Serta Simmons is ahead of the curve, introducing two new stars to their flagship lines.

The new Beautyrest Black line-up was the star of the winter PrimeTime event in Phoenix, with upgrades like Zoned T3 coils that provide up to 21 percent more support and plant-based, all-night cooling with up to 18 percent more cooling power. Now, expanded to 18 models, the 2022 Black features a mix of smooth-top hybrid and deeply quilted innerspring designed to delight your shoppers at point of purchase and with every night of sleep

Serta Arctic continues to surge ahead in sales at retail. You can choose from two unique memory foam models or two hybrid models. Shoppers will marvel at Arctic’s exclusive Reactex® System, which provides 15x better cooling power for more comfortable sleep, even on the hottest nights.

With queen and king mattresses retailing from under $2,800 to over $5,400, each sale will reduce the delivery cost percent on your sales ticket.

NMG Members also have exclusive access to the Serta Blissful Elegance line. Engineered to bring value, durability and comfort to budget- and mid-priced shoppers, you can proudly promote these beds and reduce the cross-shopping price matching on other nationally advertised mattresses.

Your private line-up includes innerspring queen mattresses retailing from $399 up to $999 and a special offering of true hotel mattresses with traditional two-sided sleep surfaces retailing at $999 with a powerful 55-point margin.

Serta Simmons brings more than great products to our NMG partnership! As your shoppers’ budgets get squeezed tighter this year, more of them will be looking for low- or no-cost consumer financing. SSB continues to partner with Nationwide to drive down the cost of consumer financing with deep buy-downs through Synchrony and Wells Fargo. Anyone can offer extended terms, but you’ll keep more money in your pocket on every financed sale of Serta Simmons bedding.

If you like money in your pocket, then you’ll also enjoy the double value of the year-end volume rebates Serta Simmons pays to NMG Members. If you like your money a little sooner, be sure to take advantage of the generous cashback offers available at PrimeTime on top-selling Serta and Beautyrest models. Chances are good there’s cash back on mattresses you sell and stock right now – why not load up the barn and pay yourself at the same time!

We know that products, prices and rebates aren’t enough to move your sales number. You need to have shoppers come to your website and store first. That’s why SSB invests in advertising that works through AdRocket. Check out our array of ad dollar matching offers that help you maximize every dollar that you spend on digital advertising.

Take time this PrimeTime to meet us in Orlando. Working together, we can minimize the effect of inflation on your bottom line.

For more information, contact Brad Smith, director of sales, at bsmith@sertasimmons.com.


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