The Value of Human Resources in Retail

Written by Genevieve Condon

March 17, 2023

Human Resources retail nationwide marketing group

Quite often, Human Resources receives a bad reputation. Many believe compliance, lay-offs and employee issues are all that HR encompasses. This leaves fear and hesitation following HR professionals, leaving no room for relationship building and a true understanding of all the department has to offer. For such a long time, Human Resources has carried a cloud of negativity and struggled to find purpose and its role within companies that could be seen as a value add.

Thankfully, as people evolve, so does the role of Human Resources.

Employees have become eager for more. More training. More engagement. More pay. More balance. Human Resources quickly has become broader, less fear inducing and provides a more assertive perspective on its fundamental role — to ensure the development and maintenance of workplaces that serve to effectively attract, retain and motivate employees. While workplaces still need to follow compliance and embrace a place free of bullying and abuse of any kind, they would also need to be, to the extent possible, free from stress and conducive to increasing employee well-being. Over the past few challenging years we learned that the well-being of our employees is all-encompassing. It requires us as leaders to provide support and resources for employees throughout all stages of their careers and lives. After all, one-third of our lives are spent at work. So, shouldn’t it be fun and engaging?

Thankfully, the value of Human Resources has shifted from that of hesitation to an area of the workplace that adds value, learning, engagement and one that has become the hub of camaraderie and helpfulness. It can be challenging to think of how this changing role of HR can be incorporated into your business and it may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

When looking at your business strategy, HR functions may seem unnecessary and costly, but as times shift and employee needs become more apparent, human resources can play an essential role in developing your company’s strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization. It can be challenging to know where to start, where to focus and how to appropriately engage your employees, but here at Nationwide Marketing Group, our Talent Leadership Team is here to help you strategize, engage, and execute your human resources plan.

Contrary to what you might read, human resources is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The uniqueness of a family-owned business or a small-town furniture store that struggles to find talent that is engaged and ready to work, all pose unique challenges and require equally as unique approaches to human resources. Your culture and story are what sets you apart from the big box retailers. You know your customers by name, their preferences and needs, often before they even do. Use this to your advantage not just with your customers, but with your recruitment and retention strategies. Make your business shine.

As the Talent Leadership Center at Nationwide Marketing Group begins to expand and look at the needs of our members, HR and talent strategy remain a place where we can provide additional support. A unique and personalized approach to talent philosophy and truly understanding and allowing your business to thrive on its own terms is what we do best. As you begin to look at your internal HR functionality, please feel free to reach out to our diverse Talent Leadership Center who would be happy to brainstorm and enhance your HR role within your business. So, I challenge you to share your unique story, attract talent that fits into your culture and let the value of Human Resources help your mission shine.

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