We’re Committed to Making a Difference with ENERGY STAR

Written by Sean Crane

May 6, 2022

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The timing each year of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Awards announcement isn’t lost on us as an organization or an industry. With the momentum from Earth Day still carrying us forward, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) take the opportunity to highlight collaborators in the space of energy efficiency.

Nationwide Marketing Group was recognized as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, Sustained Excellence. This was the eighth year in a row that our organization was bestowed this highest honor by the program, and the 15th year consecutively that Nationwide has been recognized by the ENERGY STAR team.

While it’s easy to look at that string of success and think our efforts are stored as muscle memory at this point, it speaks to a greater level of resolve and commitment within our organization and the wider Independent retail community. It’s a testament to our efforts as a company to build a culture of trust, leadership and collaboration. And it establishes Nationwide and our network of Independent retailers and manufacturing partners as good stewards, effective leaders and strong partners in the communities we serve.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the impact that their energy consumption has on the environment and the world in which we live. Since its introduction in 1992, the ENERGY STAR program has helped consumers to find the products that help them save money and reduce their carbon footprint. To date, the program has helped consumers save over $450 billion in energy costs and helped remove over 4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gasses from the environment.

The continued impact and importance of the ENERGY STAR program is not lost on us. Nationwide and our partners are strategically focused on making ENERGY STAR Certified products a critical part of our merchandising mix. In fact, just last year, over 50% of all appliance sales made by our retailers that could have been ENERGY STAR Certified were ENERGY STAR Certified. That means we helped consumers avoid generating 416,000 metric tons of emissions from the environment or the equivalent of taking over 90,000 cars off the road.

These accomplishments are not something to be taken lightly. They’re made possible thanks to the dedication of the Nationwide team, led by our Senior Vice President of Business Services Rick Weinberg, who has led with courage, a powerful voice and actions that deliver results along with countless Members and Vendor Partners. Their tireless work to educate everyone from the sales associates who pitch these products to the consumers who ultimately decide to purchase continues to inspire us all — and have a very real impact on the environment.

Here’s to many more years of continued success in the realm of ENERGY STAR Certified product sales, reducing our carbon footprint, cleaner air and water and championing the cause of energy efficiency!

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