Written by Rick Weinberg

December 20, 2019

For more than 25 years, many Nationwide Marketing Group members and vendors have recognized that they can profitably grow their products and services business, build lasting and successful relationships with consumers, and make more money by presenting and selling ENERGY STAR®-qualified products. For the last 14 years, the ENERGY STAR National Team has recognized Nationwide’s industryleading efforts with national award recognition, most recently as an ENERGY STAR 2019 Partner of the YearSustained Excellence Award winner.  

More than ever, your Nationwide team is leveraging every tool in our box to assist and support you, our members and vendors, to drive your sales and thrive with ENERGY STAR 

  • Our merchants have developed special models and assortments, including ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models. 
  • Our digital and traditional marketing and promotions showcase special ENERGY STAR models and promotional offers. 
  • Our promotional calendar embraces the ENERGY STAR national promotions, in addition to presenting ENERGY STAR products, special incentives and models in our exclusive Nationwide promotions. 
  • Our training team has developed exclusive ENERGY STAR online training tools to give you and your sales team advantages over your competition. 
  • New for 2019, Nationwide Marketing Group has become the lead co-sponsor for the ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting. At this event, we will meet with current and new utility and manufacturing partners to bring you even more special models, rebates, and consumer and dealer incentives to drive your ENERGY STAR product sales to new heights. 
  • And there will be so much more to share on the floor at PrimeTime and on MemberNet! 

We want to invite you to visit with us for just a couple quick minutes at our booth on the PrimeTime show floor, where we will show you how to access these exclusive training tools and learn more about the special ENERGY STAR models, assortments and promotions. 

And, just for fun, you can register for a chance to win one of 10 prizes of 10,000 MemberNet Rewards points. That’s a 100,000-point MemberNet Rewards drawing, and all you need to do is stop by the ENERGY STAR booth for less than three minutes. Let us share our great information with you, and we’ll get you registered to Win with ENERGY STAR!

How Can You Drive Sales with ENERGY STAR® Products and Resources?

You are likely familiar with the ENERGY STA mark, recognized by 90% of consumers and present in nearly half of all U.S. households. More than a label, the ENERGY STAR program offers resources to help you differentiate, excel and increase revenue. Check out the opportunities below and on the ENERGY STAR page on MemberNet, where you can always find the latest on ENERGY STAR. 

Leverage ENERGY STAR Most Efficient to Drive Sales and Loyalty 

Increase sales, save consumers money and build customer loyalty by offering your customers cutting-edge ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products to choose from, without a trade-off in features or functionality. This distinction is awarded to the most efficient products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR.  

Products designated as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2019 demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional and inspirational – consistent with the interests of environmentally motivated consumers and early adopters. The Most Efficient criteria is renewed on a yearly basis to ensure these products represent the “best of the best” each year. Products must be ENERGY STARcertified by an EPA-recognized certification body and meet the applicable ENERGY STAR Most Efficient performance criteria. To learn more, visit www.energystar.gov/most_efficient 

Get up to Speed on ENERGY STAR Sales Training 

Check out the ENERGY STAR training on MemberNet, and make sure you are using all available product facts and savings figures. Make sure your store staff and sales team understand the benefits of ENERGY STARcertified products for customers and how ENERGY STAR can help increase your store’s bottom line. 

Help Customers Save with ENERGY STAR Partnerships 

Increasing numbers of partnering utilities are offering rebates for ENERGY STARcertified products. While you are talking to a customer about an ENERGY STARcertified model, check the Database for Incentives and Joint Marketing Exchange (DIME) for related local incentives. DIME is an online, searchable tool designed to help ENERGY STAR partners leverage incentives and promotional opportunities with ENERGY STARcertified products and includes a recently updated list of rebate programs. 

Be a Part of Something Big: Leverage ENERGY STAR National Promotions 

Amplify your marketing by building on ENERGY STAR partners’ collective national efforts, and take advantage of Nationwide’s offerings and resources to participate in ENERGY STAR promotions, such as the upcoming ENERGY STAR Day and Holiday 2019.    

ENERGY STAR brings together regional energy-efficiency program efforts across the country into united, product-focused, co-branded campaigns – timed with product seasonality. During these time periods, EPA will push out related content through a variety of media channels that drive impressions and traffic to a promotional ENERGY STAR webpage hub featuring partner programs. 

Go to MemberNet to learn about the promotional marketing resources and tools, such as signage and advertising creative, available to Nationwide members to help support participation in ENERGY STAR national promotions.


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