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June 3, 2022

austere accessories

This blog was submitted to Independent Thinking by Deena Ghazarian, founder and CEO of Austere

Add-on tech accessory and warranty sales can and should be much more than simply added profit for retailers.  “Converting the sale” really comes down to dealers helping customers both enhance and protect their premium hardware purchase that leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Educate Customers

Add-on sales are a great way to educate customers, so they are making smart decisions to maximize the technology in the hardware they are purchasing. Few customers read the manufacturer warranties. Savvy dealers will take the time and read the fine print for their customers –not using a proper surge protector or using the wrong kind of screen cleaner can void the warranty. It’s a simple formula: right information + right product solution = add-on sale and satisfied customer.

Add-on sales can also be key building blocks that retailers can use to forge long-term relationships with customers. For instance, while a surge protector can be a long-term purchase, it’s also important for buyers to understand that it’s not a “lifetime” one.  Surge protectors are devices that literally “lay down their lives” for the gear they protect.  Though built to protect electronics gear against that one big surge, surge protection is always subjected to countless small surges that in time reduce their protection effectiveness, until they’re not protecting at all.  That’s because the degree of protection a surge suppressor offers is measured in joules – the more joules, the more protection. In many cases, it’s not possible to know how much protection your suppressor has left. When selling surge protection, offer brands like Austere Power that provide a light indicator to let the customer know when they run out of joules. Therefore, a useful rule of thumb is to recommend that their surge protector be replaced every few years in areas with unstable power or when a major part of an A/V system is upgraded.

Bundle Solutions

Lastly, many successful CE dealers approach attachment sales by offering bundles that include critical accessories such as premium HDMI cables, surge protectors and Clean & Protect products. This is another important way to curate a full solution experience which offers value to your customers, leading to increased, referrals and repeat business.


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