AT&T Program Gives Independent Retailers Many Ways to Sell Connected Services

Written by Rob Stott

June 14, 2021

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Like any successful product or innovation, Nationwide Marketing Group has learned how to evolve and adapt its Connected Services program. First introduced nearly two and a half years ago, the AT&T and DSI supported program gave independent retailers their first taste of being able to sell a smorgasbord of connected services — smartphones, wireless service, in-home internet and entertainment services — without the typical inventory costs associated with bringing a new product category into their stores.

Of course, the program also gives independents — which are already some of the most trusted advisors in their communities — the opportunity to leverage the resources and scale of a globally recognizable brand like AT&T to drive additional foot traffic into their stores. And lest we forget other program benefits like:

  • Hands on support from Nationwide, DSI and AT&T
  • Industry leading compensation
  • Exclusive promotions for Nationwide Members that customers can stack on top of national promotions
  • Direct consumer fulfillment, provided by AT&T, that keeps inventory out of your store

Over the past few years, and driven by continued Member feedback, the Connected Services program has continued to evolve in ways that make selling those products and services even easier for the independent retailer.

“We found that some of the members struggled with the program,” explains Eric Sindelar, director of Connected Services for Nationwide. “It’s not that they couldn’t do it. Rather, they didn’t necessarily have the time to commit to connected services. They are so busy with their core businesses, and they work extremely hard to be successful there. So, we wanted to adapt our program to help them out there.”

The result is a new menu of options for independent retailers to engage with Nationwide’s connected services program. Among the new offerings, Nationwide has developed to easy-to-implement solutions that greatly simplify the sales process for the retailer while personalizing the experience for the customer: QR codes and exclusive 1-800 numbers.

Using their phones, customers can scan the QR code to be taken to a digital experience that walks them through the sales and sign-up process. Or, if they call your exclusive 1-800 number, they’ll be helped by AT&T representatives who help them every step of the way. And, in both instances, your store still receives credit for the customer activations.

“If retailers want to sell these products and services themselves, we have the training for them,” says Sindelar. “But, if they want to go with a simplified version, we’ve got the QR codes and 1-800 numbers, and we’ll provide the marketing materials for them. Also, if they have their website and want to have an online shopping cart, we can do that too.”

Want to learn more? Check out Nationwide’s Connected Services page. Interested in chatting with the Connected Services team? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. You can also reach out to our Director of Connected Services Eric Sindelar at eric.sindelar@nationwidegroup.org.


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