Discover More Ways to Give Back at Virtual PrimeTime

March 3, 2021

If you’ve joined Nationwide Marketing Group at PrimeTime in the past, you know about our joint commitment each time we come together — we will give back. And that commitment really comes to life at PrimeTime, even if it’s in a virtual setting.

At Virtual PrimeTime, March 16-18, we’re going to give back a little differently. Every organization has a passion and a cause, and kids are our thing. Most of you have participated in the efforts supporting No Child Hungry, backpack buddies, building bikes for kids at Christmas, and more. Here at PrimeTime, however, the choice is all yours.

We’re inviting you to send in your most memorable company video. Maybe it’s a commercial that’s humorous, maybe it’s heartwarming, maybe it’s your company’s history. You’ve likely got a video that’s your favorite. You’re invited to share it with us, and at Virtual PrimeTime, we’ll have a gallery of submissions. Each attendee gets to visit the gallery, watch those videos, and vote for their favorite. Then, at the closing session, we’ll reveal the companies who’s videos got the most votes. Each of those companies will then choose their favorite charity, and Nationwide will make a donation on their behalf. Those donations will look like this:

  • First Place: $10,000
  • Second Place: $5,000
  • Third Place: $2,500
  • Fourth and Fifth Place: $1,000

Those donations can be directed to No Child Hungry, to a great charity you’ll meet at the show called Smile Together, or to your local charity of choice.

How do you participate?  It’s really, really easy.  Just send a link to your most memorable video to gro.puorgediwnoitan@erahs. That works great for videos that are on your YouTube page. However, if your most memorable video isn’t shared on YouTube, you can send the video to us at the DropBox link right here.

We’re also inviting you to show the caring and giving spirit of this network by making a donation to No Child Hungry or Smile Together while you’re at Virtual PrimeTime. And if you’re ready to give, we’re ready to match it. We’ll match all donations made to these great organizations, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Together we will give back. And together we can make a very real and very positive difference.


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