Increase Your Team’s Performance with the All-New Nationwide Learning Academy

August 9, 2021

These days, consumers are more knowledgeable, and products are more complex than ever. Staying abreast of the latest technologies and benefits from the industry’s leading brands is a fulltime job. That’s why the Nationwide Marketing Group has been the industry leader in sales, product and leadership education for decades. From the VHS learning tapes of the 1990s, to the DVDs of the early 2000s, to the mobile optimized online platform of the 2010s, Nationwide Learning Academy has consistently invested heavily in the most advanced technology, the latest educational content and the most motivating learner incentives.

The group’s commitment to helping you build the most professional team in the marketplace continues with significant investment in the all-new, ground-up redesign of the Nationwide Learning Academy Online learning management system. Thanks to decades of experience and feedback from members, the new NLA Online has been improved in ways that promise to make your team development job easier and more effective


NLA Online features an all-new interface for learners, managers and owners/executives. Learners’ access to content is now based on your company’s member profile from MemberNet so that they only see content that pertains to their jobs and your business. That means if you are an appliance-only retailer your team will only see appliance product training and information on sales, leadership and delivery.

Another major upgrade to the system is known as Report Card, which lets your team see their progress along with that of their teammates. This public access to performance encourages accountability and can even motivate through a little friendly competition among teammates. The new configuration also allows flexible administration by offering separate performance analytics views for global owners/executives, regional managers and store managers. Each of them only has to navigate the performance information for employees they supervise.


Another new feature is the ability to enable or disable subtitles for every training program. Subtitles are available in French, French Canadian, Spanish, and U.S. Spanish as well as a variety of other languages. For those with multilingual teams this will be highly beneficial.


Just as in the previous system, you have the ability to load your company’s own training content with testing and certification for topics such as your company policies, your point-of-sale system, your promotions and events, your HR information and more. These platforms are easy to use, would cost your company thousands of dollars a year from third party providers and are provided at no cost for your use courtesy of Nationwide.


There’s a ground-breaking new NLA Online feature called Live Events. Through the platform’s Live Events technology, you have the ability to communicate with your team via desktop computer or mobile device and conduct your own in-house, Zoom-type events or watch party experiences. This enables you to stream a live video meeting through this training platform, record it and make it available for on-demand viewing later. Also coming are Nationwide and Vendor-provided live events presented directly in the NLA Online platform.


The previous system of rewards for achievement utilized a catalogue with prizes and required a four-week redemption period. Our years of learning analytics showed that more than 85% of redemptions were for gift cards. So, by making the rewards options exclusively gift cards we were able to speed up and simplify the redemption process from four weeks to just a few days.

We invite you to experience the new NLA Online via MemberNet. We hope you’ll agree that Nationwide’s investment has succeeded in modernizing the system and increasing its features, while keeping it clean and simple to use. The platform is completely mobile optimized and operates on any computer, smartphone or tablet. This easy and no-cost access to industry-leading educational programs, with rewards for learning and analytics to track performance, was created to help your company create an excuse-free learning culture. Nationwide has always believed that, in a competitive marketplace, the best teams will win. And we’re confident that with the right support and hard work your team can be the best team.


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