Light Up Your Store’s Sales with the Persuasive Power of Video

December 20, 2019

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video, with its 30 pictures per second, weighs in at significantly more than a million words each minute. That’s a lot of information, persuasion and impact from an efficient and effective source 

Video amplifies your online performance

It improves the success of your digital marketing and is the fastestgrowing segment in that industry.  

According to research about video’s impact on digital marketing: 

  • Including video on landing pages increases conversion by 80%. Source: Vidyard 
  • Marketers using video earn 41% more web traffic from search than marketers without video. Source: Aberdeen Group 
  • Social posts with video generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined. Source: Simply Measured 
  • Emails featuring video content generate 40% higher engagement than emails without video. Source: Wistia 

From six-second bumper ads and 15-second offer spots to longerform featureandbenefit product demonstrations and more, Nationwide’s PrimeMedia studio produces them all. Many are available without dealer personalization at no cost to members, while personalized versions featuring your logo are available from as little as $39 each 

There’s something uniquely persuasive about an engaging television commercial

“As Seen on TV” has been a claim often used to enhance credibility. With its highly engaged audience and proximity to other quality content, television provides a unique safe haven for your brand 

Television is not only valuable for driving store and phone traffic, but visits to your digital marketing as well. In fact, according to Accenture, 87% of viewers watch TV with a second-screen device and can become “active participants” responding to your spots instantly. The fact that adults average nearly four hours each day watching TV makes the opportunity for impact significant.  

Interestingly, the way an ad feels to your audience can actually have more to do with results than what it says. That’s why PrimeMedia’s library of national-quality spots are designed to connect your message and company with shoppers in ways that feel right and are unique to the medium. 

There are commercials for holidays, events, promotions and more. Nationwide’s exclusive promotional branding spots are designed to make shoppers like and trust your company more while including an offer and call to action to stimulate sales. These spots, each of which could cost your company thousands to produce, are available for just $199 due to a Nationwide subsidy for members. That means that your company can spend almost all of its ad budget on the “ad buy” and very little on production. 

In-store video transforms your showroom into a dynamic and informationrich selling zone 

The most valuable shopper in retail is the one standing in your showroom. Helping convert that store visit into a sale is what MemberNetTV digital signage is all about. MemberNetTV allows you to take control of the last three feet of the shopping experience, where the rubber meets the road and buying decisions are made.  

According to Visix, the data on digital signage suggests that: 

  • 70% of Americans say they’ve seen a digital display in the past month. 
  • 47% remember seeing a specific message. 
  • 80% of shoppers say they have entered a store because of a digital sign that caught their interest. 
  • Digital signage increases brand awareness by 47%. 
  • 19% of viewers made an unplanned purchase of something promoted digitally in a retail setting. 
  • Adding a single onpremises sign adds an average of 4.75% to annual sales revenue.  

With MemberNetTV, you can create your own custom playlist or set the system to automatically update itself with content for the brands you sell. Salespeople can even interrupt that programming to play demonstration and informational videos for shoppers, on demand. 

If your company sells Ultra HD television, MemberNetTV Ultra, with its pristine 4K content, is a must. MemberNetTV HD is perfect for appliance, furniture and bedding kiosks. You can play your most current commercials, announce your brand assortment, feature your latest offers and play demonstrations of your “go-to” products. Turn your store into a dynamic environment of sight and sound with thousands of movie trailers, sports features, music videos, marketing messages and your company’s own commercials. Your digital signage investment is just the price of a television, a $590 MemberNetTV box and a monthly subscription from $35. This investment should quickly pay for itself in increased sales.  

Nationwide PrimeMedia lets you harness the power of video easily and inexpensively

As a Nationwide member, you have access to the largest library of marketing, education and demonstration videos in the industry. At PrimeTime, we invite you to stop by the Nationwide PrimeMedia booth for a demonstration and to find out more about show specials. 

If you miss us at the show, visit www.nationwideprimemedia.com or MemberNet to see a selection of available videos. You can also reach out anytime to our dedicated member support manager, Nathan Edge, by emailing nathan@nationwideprimemedia.com.


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