Nationwide Marketing Group, Azione Unlimited Merge to Form Industry-Leading Whole Home Platform for Custom Integrators

Written by Rob Stott

October 20, 2021

As the home and everything in it becomes smarter, success for the home technology professional is predicated on their ability to address all of their clients’ needs, no matter the room in the home. And that’s exactly why Nationwide Marketing Group – the leading buying and marketing group for appliance, electronics, custom integrators, furniture, bedding and outdoor living retailers – and Azione Unlimited, the preeminent group of custom integrators and manufacturers, have merged to form the most capable and results driven whole home platform.

Together, Nationwide and Azione serve a diverse network of more than 450 custom integrators, and Azione brings into the mix over 60 additional vendor partners, making the combined group one of the largest and most diverse offerings in the industry. And this merger will allow both Nationwide and Azione Unlimited to offer smart home integrators and the vendors that serve them an end-to-end suite of tools and programs that focus on improving efficiency and profitability – at no additional cost.

Azione Unlimited, Nationwide Marketing Group, Azione Unlimited Merge to Form Industry-Leading Whole Home Platform for Custom Integrators, Nationwide Marketing Group

Richard Glikes, Founder, Azione Unlimited

“What really gets me jazzed about this merger is the size, strength and vitality of our combined organization — and the potential that it creates for our dealers moving forward,” says Richard Glikes, founder of Azione Unlimited. “From marketing expertise and data analysis to credit card savings and finance programs, Nationwide brings so many compelling offerings to our dealers. I’m thrilled that our dealers now have access to a suite of tools and programs that’s unmatched in this industry.”

By merging with Nationwide, Azione Unlimited’s network of over 250 dealers receives immediate access to a wealth of business and financial benefits, including company healthcare programs, extended service and warranty programs, world-class digital and marketing solutions, and more. In addition, Azione Unlimited dealers can now access PriMetrix, the independent channel’s first and only performance insights platform packed with data and metrics that can help propel their businesses forward.

For Nationwide’s custom integration dealers, Azione Unlimited brings to the table experience and efficiencies in the custom integration channel that will enable Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN) members to streamline and improve their businesses, including talent acquisition tools, existing relationships within the interior designer and architect communities, and more. Additionally, Nationwide and Azione are already working to develop new, innovative programming for all dealers, including in-market referral programs between the groups’ integrators and luxury appliance retailers.

“Providing our members with the tools they need to thrive on their own terms has been Nationwide’s purpose since day one,” says Nationwide President and Chief Member Advocate Tom Hickman. “Richard and his team have a long history of treating their members — both dealers and vendors — like family. We know they’ll feel right at home as part of Nationwide where, together, we’re working to provide our custom integrators with access to the products and programs that they need to outperform in the markets they serve.”

For Azione Unlimited and Nationwide dealers, nothing will change, logistically. The Azione Unlimited staff will continue to operate out of their Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, location, and Azione Unlimited and HTSN dealers can continue to call on their regular points of contact.

“The breath of services, resources and the technology that Nationwide possesses are an extraordinary complement to our existing Azione Unlimited member benefits,” adds Glikes. “Our integrators will now have access to a complete suite of business services that will allow them to achieve their number one goal, which is to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.”


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