Nationwide Marketing Group Creates Coronavirus Resource Center for Independent Retail Channel

Written by Rob Stott

March 19, 2020

The spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented some unique challenges to businesses and communities across the United States and around the world. While much is still unknown, Nationwide Marketing Group is actively pulling together a collection of resources for independent retailers aimed at helping them navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Available to Nationwide members through the member-exclusive MemberNet platform, the package of resources is highlighted by a series of best-practices documents from credible sources and fellow retailers. Topics addressed by the best practice documentation includes:

  • How to communicate to a retailer’s existing customers and team members during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Policies and procedures for maintaining a business from the CDC, OSHA and the National Retail Federation
  • In-store messaging and procedures
  • Best practices for different business areas, including warehousing, delivery and service operations
  • Continuity planning, supply chain support, digital services and more

Many of these resources will also be shared with the broader channel on Nationwide’s public-facing Media Center to ensure all independent retailers have the tools they need to effectively operate during this uncertain time.

Additionally, Nationwide has created communications templates exclusively for their members that can be customized for their specific markets and audiences. Live links to federal and state-level health resources are posted on MemberNet, and guidance around available financial services for independent retailers are currently being researched and pursued.

Nationwide Marketing Group will also look to leverage internal expertise and relevant third-party partnerships to develop additional guidance and best practices for members as they work through a period of increased short-term downtime. Additionally, Nationwide’s Member Support Managers are actively engaged across the group, developing ways to continue providing value to members while complying with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and recommendations around social distancing.

In that vein, Nationwide has developed a new way for members and independent retailers to ask any pressing questions and share success stories during this challenging time. Retailers seeking assistance are encouraged to email their questions to ask@nationwidegroup.org. The Nationwide team will work to answer those questions or, at the very least, point retailers in the proper direction to get the answers they are looking for. And retailers who want to share best practices and other stories of success can email share@nationwidegroup.org. Those resources will be shared across the Nationwide network and the independent channel at large.


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