New Marketplace, New Rules of Engagement, New Consumer Messaging

October 21, 2020

Wow! The amount of change that we’ve all absorbed since our February PrimeTime has been stunning. As I review that show’s 2020 projections and expectations, I’m reminded of the old Yiddish adage, “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Little could we have projected the events that have since transpired. In fact, conditions remain so fluid that I’m not sure how much of what I’m writing will be current by the time it’s published. To quote a Lennon lyric these are “Strange days indeed.”

As an independent business, you’ve found yourself on the front lines of a battle to ensure the safety of your team and your customers, while providing the products and services that shoppers want and need, all as you work to operate your business efficiently and profitably. It’s the challenge of a lifetime, but Independents have historically risen to these occasions and the entire Nationwide family is fully committed to your success.

COVID-19 has changed to rules of engagement for retailing and our conversations with consumers have had to change as well. As many of you know, in mid-March Nationwide’s PrimeMedia team began producing entirely new consumer-facing messaging in support of Members’ various marketing challenges and opportunities. We listened to you through surveys and conversations, we tapped leading industry authorities, and accessed data from a variety of media organizations. We then began a conversation with the consumer designed to position your company to make the most of shoppers that were available under the new ground rules of retail.

In addition to the usual product, feature and price information, consumers need to know if your business is open or closed, they want to know what level of service is being provided, and beyond all else they need to be assured that its safe to shop with your company. Independent small businesses have a prominent place in our societal conversation right now, and consumers are showing a new appreciation for what local businesses mean to their communities. Of course, for us to be appreciated it’s important for us to show appreciation, for not only our customers, but for the first responders and health care professionals who serve and protect our families and our neighbors.

Nationwide’s Leadership team has dedicated additional resources to, not only produce more high-quality messaging, but to provide logo customization for those video assets at no cost to Members. As of this writing, you can choose from a variety of titles with more to come as the marketplace dictates and as you request them. Choose from:

  • A selection of 12 public service announcements. These provide COVID-19 safety information along with announcement of “free delivery”, “we’re open”, “safe delivery”, hand washing technique and more.
  • A 30-second video entitled “Serving You is Essential.” This spot announces that your company is open for business and focuses on the essential category of Appliances with their food preservation, food preparation and sanitation benefits.
  • A 30-second video entitled “Closed but Busy.” This spot lets consumers know that while your store front may be temporarily closed, you are very much in business. Your website, social media and emails are informative, you can be reached online or by phone, and you are working with key manufacturers to secure great values that will be available as things get back to business.
  • A 30-second video entitled “Thank You.” It begins by showing appreciation for your customers and then proceeds to thank first responders and healthcare professionals for their service, heroism and sacrifice.
  • A series of 30-second videos entitled “Save Safely.” With a separate version for each product category, these spots inform shoppers you’re open and ready to serve. It assures them that, just as shopping for your products has changed, your company has changed too, adopting the latest safety practices and policies.

Each of these spots is perfect for broadcast, websites, social media, digital signage and email marketing, with logo customization being provided at no cost courtesy of Nationwide. To order simply go to MemberNet’s quick link and click on the Nationwide Prime Media link or visit nationwideprimemedia.com

Hundreds of Member companies have taken advantage of these tools to date, and Nationwide’s PrimeMedia team has continually fine-tuned them and created new options as Members have responded and market conditions have required. Team Nationwide has never been more motivated to serve you than today. We encourage you to review these unique video assets and hope they can help your company thrive throughout these most challenging of times.


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