Optimize the Impact of In-Store Video with the All New MediaSign TV

August 9, 2021

MediaSign TV Appliance Sample

Nationwide PrimeMedia is excited to announce an all new, and much-improved replacement for MemberNet TV. A complete, ground-up redesign, MediaSign TV is projecting Members’ in-store video into the future and providing a runway for amazing new features and benefits for even more control over the last three feet of the in-store experience.

Back in 2006, when Nationwide launched the Independent channel’s first digital signage system, the medium fresh but very raw. However, over the past 15 years, digital signage has blossomed. Today, consumers have a hard time buying gas or ordering a Big Mac without encountering digital content that informs and entertains them.

Over the past decade and a half, in-store video has become a staple in the showrooms of many of Nationwide’s most successful Members, and, as a result, the group has invested in the development of the new MediaSign TV platform that is powered by Nationwide PrimeMedia. Launched this past March, the new platform incorporates some of today’s most advanced technology, provides improved performance and is packed with features for right now and into the future.

Visible performance improvements for the showroom experience:

  • All videos are automatically transcribed via artificial intelligence and can feature subtitles that can be turned on for low volume applications, for visibility from across the store and to serve the hearing impaired.
  • System operations can be visually monitored and controlled in real time, remotely. That means you can see what message is playing on any screen, in any of your stores, anytime you’d like via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • All videos offer translated subtitles in a wide variety of languages to better serve multi-lingual shoppers.
  • Salespeople can access video content, select and control content for approved virtual product demonstrations via any connected device.

Important system improvements under the hood:

  • The platform incorporates faster, cloud-based content management and advanced video processing for enhanced picture quality and more efficient file transfers.
  • Uses location-based file delivery to smart in-store servers for controlled relevant content on the floor including right brand, right model, right offer.
  • Provides real-time access to data and analytics for convenient monitoring of playlists.

Hassle-free, future-proofed, subscription-based and value-added pricing:

  • Is future-proofed via a six-year development plan for even more advanced feature sets that are currently in development.
  • Based on Member feedback, there is NO hardware to purchase. The player is provided with your subscription saving the $680 up-front investment required by the old platform.
  • All hardware remains under warranty and is upgraded, when necessary, throughout the subscription period.
  • Each system includes a package of eight high quality videos personalized with your store’s logo each year. This represents $1,192 in savings per year.
  • MediaSign TV subscribers receive an additional $50 discount on all Nationwide PrimeMedia marketing videos valued at $199 and up.
  • There are two subscription options: $69 per month with a two-year agreement, or $59 per month with a three-year agreement. The only other fee is a one-time $78 set up fee for the first system and $38 for each additional system.

With MediaSign TV, you can welcome shoppers to your store or event with virtual spokespeople who help tell your company’s story, announce your offers and explain your advantages.

MediaSign TV drives television walls and displays with pristine Ultra HD content for convincing demos of your top-of-the line products. Included are the latest motion picture trailers and previews; licensed sports highlights constantly updated for every sport and every season; new music videos for audio, video and surround sound demos; demonstration glamour footage and more.

You can upgrade appliance merchandising with the motion and energy of aspirational lifestyle, special offer and product-usage videos that help bring those static rows of stainless and white products to life. Create end caps for focus models, attract foot traffic to difficult areas in your showroom, add impact to vignettes, keep shoppers occupied and in your store during peak traffic periods, all while constantly exposing your team to carefully crafted sales presentations.

Bedding departments can be transformed with a mix of relaxing and branded nature-scapes coupled with persuasive video product demonstrations along with your store’s commercials and offers.

You can even upload videos of your companywide announcements, policy and training content from your leadership team, and use your displays for team meetings before or after business hours.

MediaSign TV is an exciting new platform with future-proofed technology that will enable you to enjoy enhanced feature sets and performance without the additional expense of hardware or maintenance. While the old MemberNet TV system served us well for 15 years — which is remarkable for this kind of technology — like every digital device, from your phone, to your computer, to your cable box, it has been rendered obsolete by progress and advancements in technology. As a result, those currently utilizing the original MemberNet TV will need to convert to the new MediaSign TV platform before September 2021.

For details and help on making this required transition, visit www.nationwideprimemedia.com and click the MediaSign TV icon at the top of the page.

In-store video provides an effective competitive advantage and MediaSign TV makes it easy and economical. There are Members today who are finding success utilizing anywhere from one to more than one hundred systems throughout their different locations. We look forward to helping your company bring its showroom to life with the information, communication and entertainment advantages of MediaSign TV.


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