Who Are You? How BRANDAids Support the Independent Story

Written by Steve Bryant

March 19, 2021


As we navigate these most unusual of market conditions, one of Nationwide’s challenges is to help your company compete effectively against the billions of advertising dollars being spent each year by Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy and others. These competitors have become household names with extremely high levels of brand awareness and consumer confidence thanks to this massive investment. Of course, while they might be able to purchase an advantage in making their brand promise, actually delivering on that promise is a different story.

Once shoppers give Independents an online or instore visit, we believe that the best team will win, and we’re confident that team is yours. Helping you get that opportunity is the reason a Member benefit known as BRANDAids, powered by Nationwide PrimeMedia, was created.

What are BRANDAids? They are secondary support identities for your company’s primary brand, created to increase shopper awareness of and confidence in your company. The name of your store is always the star of the show, and BRANDAids play a supporting role. There are currently four brand support paths you can choose from, in addition to the COVID-19 inspired ShopSafe Promise, including:

The ShopSmart Promise, which presents your company as the credible local retail option with the ability to out deliver the national chains through hard work, know-how and your association with the buying power of thousands of other Independent dealers nationwide. It ties your brand to your community and is aligned with today’s growing buy-local sentiment. The ShopSmart Promise tag line is, “Ask your neighbors about us, they’re our neighbors too.”

Another option is to identify as a Get the Best for Less dealer and position your company as a credible alternative to corporate big box retailers. Your tag line is, “Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.”

You could also choose to present your company as one of America’s Dependable INDEPENDENTS, defining your company as a business that can be counted on for leading service, selection and price. Its graphic word play highlights the word DEPEND as the middle name of the identity and presents you as part of a nationwide organization of thousands of Independents who invite shoppers to “Think outside the big box and save.”

If your company considers itself a leader in custom kitchen, advanced audio/video and/or connected home, the NEXTPERT BRANDAid could be for you. From custom audio/video installation, to home automation, to professional grade kitchen designs, climate control, security and more, your company is positioned as much more than experts. Your NEXTPERT tag line is, “Exploring the possibilities of Next.”

Finally, the Nationwide PrimeMedia team also works closely with a subset of larger Members whose marketing budgets provide the resources necessary to develop their own brand support strategies through either an inhouse advertising department or an outside ad agency. This is affectionately known as UBU support.  Each of these relationships is uniquely designed based on those Members’ special wants and needs.

BRANDAids provide your company access to an array of media assets and consumer messaging including:

  • A “landing” consumer-facing website that communicates many of the consumer advantages your company can provide due to its BRANDAids affiliation.
  • A package of banner ads of various dimensions for your website and social media.
  • A package of evergreen marketing videos for your website, social media, email marketing, digital signage, spot cable and broadcast usage.
  • Traditional POP assets provided as print resolution files for in-house printing or as professionally printed packages that can be purchased from a third-party supplier.

Again, BRANDAids work in a supporting role. Your company’s name and brand are always the stars. Visit www.NationwidePrimeMedia.com to find out more and to reserve the identity of your choice. The Nationwide PrimeMedia team hopes that this new initiative will help your company thrive on its own terms for continued growth and success.


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